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Skate, Skate, Skate...

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
The Bruins lost 7-0 last night. And that is all I have to say about that.

In a sort of strange circumstance, late this morning, the Bruins were greeted by the sound of children cheering as they began their practice at Ristuccia. And as each skater left the locker room to make their way to the ice, they heard "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay."

Most of the Bruins smiled as they heard the cheers. But they knew they were in for it, so grim faces returned quickly, and like kids heading for their rooms without their supper (or these days, without Playstation 3) they stomped onto the ice and back into the gloom of a Sunday practice after a loss.

Said one of the children, "They’re always wicked serious."

No doubt as part of a cleansing regimen, the Bruins were put through a brutal practice and from 12:02 to 12:44 the team skated virtually nonstop.

For those of you who have never traversed an entire ice rink on skates -- doing it fairly nonstop for the better part of an hour is not easy. And although there were some shooting drills mixed in, it is a stomach churning mind numbing process.

They skated and skated and skated -- and, somewhat hilariously, the kids kept cheering until their parents piled them all into their various minivans and SUV’s and all you could hear in the arena was the "scratch, scratch, scratch…slooosh. Scratch, scratch, scratch…slooosh. Scratch, scratch, scratch…slooosh."

Although it had been threatened before, this time the practice did finally resemble the "Again, Again" scene from the movie ’Miracle.’

Afterward, Coach Lewis did not seem relieved. He seemed sad.

"What bothered me was that we couldn’t stop…their pressure, or their momentum," said Dave, looking for the right words. "There are of a lot of different things that can happen (to turn things around), but it didn’t last night."

"If it were easy everybody would do it. Even (just) playing in this league.

"I just want the guys to pay a bigger price collectively," he said.

He searched for some more words.

"That’s what the ’B’ on the sweater stands for," he continued. "You have to pay a bigger price to be a Bruin."

And if Lewis did not feel that the team paid the price yesterday, they were going to pay that price, today.
this afternoon at the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge.
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