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Seides' Time With Stanley

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins followed Dennis Seidenberg's day with Stanley...

A bubbly finish
08.09.2011 / 8:10 PM ET

The oldest trophy in all of sports and the oldest bottle of champagne in America -- it's a perfect marriage.

Seidenberg's cocktail party Tuesday night ended with a splash.

After three hours of mingling and posing for pictures, Seidenberg came to the front stage of the Palladium Ballroom. There, Caesars staffers popped open a bottle of champagne from 1729 -- which they said was the oldest bottle in the country.

As Queen's "We Are The Champions" played from the speakers, Seidenberg and his wife posed for pictures.

-- Emily Kaplan

Keepin' it classy
08.09.2011 / 6:45 PM ET

Next up for Seidenberg? A small cocktail party at Caesars Palladium Ballroom for about 100 friends and family -- who all had to check in at a VIP list at the door.
The lighting is dim and waitresses are walking around with trays of tasty appetizers such as mini tuna burgers and shrimp cocktails.

However there's certainly a hockey flare to the room.

The tables are decorated with centerpieces of yellow roses and daisies -- with a pair of small cardboard hockey sticks sprouting out of the middle.

Oh, and the Stanley Cup is on display on the stage in the front of the room, sitting next to a table featuring six jumbo bottles of champagne.

Right upon entering, Seidenberg was escorted to a small corner of the room where Cup keeper Howie Burrow had a task for him.

Burrow is carrying along with him two black-and-yellow Bruins flags. They were the flags hung on the bench immediately after Boston's Game 7 win in Vancouver.

This summer, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has asked each player, on his day with the Cup, to sign the flags. It's a new tradition, and one Burrows thinks is a great idea.

"It's really nice," Burrows said, as he pointed to the flags, which already have about a dozen signatures in silver sharpie.

-- Emily Kaplan

Baby bash
08.09.2011 / 6:35 PM ET

Who's the luckiest baby in all of Atlantic City?

That would be 4-month-old Liam Foglietta.

While Seidenberg was back at home resting, the Cup was still on display at Caesars. That's when Mark Foglietta, his wife, and baby Liam stopped by. The family is from Montreal and is in town on vacation.

Mark began talking to the manager of the casino, and asked if he'd possibly be able to get a picture with Seidenberg later. The manager said he'd see what he could do, so the Fogliettas waited.

When Seidenberg, accompanied by his wife and a small entourage of close friends and family, came back, the Fogliettas were still there. A few minutes later, baby Liam -- wearing a kelly green shirt and a slight look of confusion on his face -- was being hoisted into the Cup and posing for pictures.

"How many fathers can say they had their son sit in the Stanley Cup?" Mark said afterward, still grinning.

--Emily Kaplan

Back to town
08.09.2011 / 5:55 PM ET

After a morning out at sea and at the casino, Dennis Seidenberg needed some rest.

The Bruins defenseman drove about 15 miles down the road to his beach house, a quaint sky blue home in a residential neighborhood of Margate, NJ. He took about an hour nap, and when we met back up with him he seemed rejuvenated.

He met us outside in jeans, black shoes and a T-shirt -- and ready for some evening activities. Alongside Dennis was his well-trained dog, a boxer named Wiggles.

Wiggles went back inside, Dennis hopped into his white Land Rover, and now we're all headed back to AC for the night.

--Emily Kaplan

Cup at Caesars
08.09.2011 / 2:50 PM ET

When people go to casinos, they're usually hoping to see a lot of money. But today, visitors to Caesars Palace in Atlantic City saw something even more priceless: the Stanley Cup.

After a little time at Gold Nuggets Marina, Seidenberg and Co. transported the Cup to Caesars, where it was put on display -- on a small tablestand with red velvet ropes surrounding it -- in the front lobby, a few feet from the front desk.

To say a few casino-goers were shocked might be an understatement. People passing by were both surprised and excited to see Lord Stanley in an Atlantic City resort on a muggy August afternoon.

"Take a picture!" one man told his wife. "It looks exactly like the real thing."

It didn't take long for a small crowd to gather by the display, as camera phones flashed at a rapid pace.

One woman even approached Dennis and asked him to autograph the gift bag from her recent purchase at the hotel's convenience store. He happily obliged.

--Emily Kaplan

The Holy Grail

08.09.2011 / 1:30 PM ET

After lunch Seidenberg and his family gather back on the boat for the christening of his and wife Rebecca's new child, Noah. It's not the first time Lord Stanley has assisted in a ceremony of this nature but that doesn't make it any less special. The christening is complete with the obligatory photo of Noah in the bowl of the Cup. Next, some photos on the beach -- hopefully before the massive thunderstorms heading in this direction arrive.

-- Josh Landau

Seidenberg in Atlantic City
08.09.2011 / 11:00 AM ET

The second half of the Boston Bruins top defensive pair, Dennis Seidenberg, has taken inventory of Lord Stanley at his boat here at the Golden Nugget Marina in Atlantic City, N.J. Close friends and  neighbors have lined up for some photos before heading out on the boat for pictures of the Cup on the Atlantic Ocean.

-- Josh Landau

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