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Seguin Reflects on Combine Experience

by Joe Gallagher / Boston Bruins – Bruins forward Tyler Seguin recently reflected on the grueling experience of the NHL combine, something he knows all too well from personal experience in 2010.

"I look back and I really think the first step to your NHL career is the combine," Seguin said of the annual run-up to the NHL Entry Draft. "With all the camera people there and team management, and managers, and scouts, and hundreds of people watching you work out… it's a pretty crazy experience."

Seguin, who was just 18-years-old when he participated in the combine, reflected on the spotlight and pushing himself to the limit in pressure circumstances.

"To do that for the first time in front of all those people, you could really see how far you could go and how far you could push yourself," Seguin said, mentioning how the combine helps players acclimate to high-pressure scenarios in the NHL.

"You're going to face them all the time when you actually get in the league," Seguin said. "Whether it's, you know, playing in front of eighteen to twenty-thousand people a night or just fighting for a spot on the team; you're going to always find pressure."

Seguin spoke about how the combine is going to be a personal test for this year's batch of players, remembering how tough the two bike tests were.

"Whenever it comes to the bike I never enjoy it," Seguin admitted. "I think those two are the toughest, they were the toughest for me anyways and other than that there's just a few upper body tests, but with those bike things you really push yourself to the limit with all those cameras being right in your face and people screaming in your ear while you're doing it."

Thinking back on the 2010 combine now, Seguin is thankful to have gone through it.

"It is funny when you look back at it, it is a cool experience," Seguin said. "I think definitely the day after it's all said and done you're glad it's over with but you're also glad you went through it and you accomplished and did the best you could."

When asked about future players entering the combine, Seguin gave some advice from personal experience.

"Don't pound a bottle of Gatorade after you're done because it didn't work out well for me," he said.

While the B's forward said he is glad that he went through the experience of the combine, he wasn't bashful about whether he'd like to try it again.

"Absolutely not," Seguin said. "Not a chance."

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