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Schaefer Should Figure Prominently in B's Season

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
On Thursday, the newest face on the Ristuccia ice sheet was that of new B's forward Peter Schaefer.

Acquired on July 17th in the deal that sent Shean Donovan to the Ottawa Senators, the 5'11, 195-pound winger figures heavily in Boston's plan for a turnaround in 2007-08.

Despite his still wearing his black and red gloves from Canada's capital, Schaefer looked very at home, not only with the venerable spoked-B on his chest, but also in his new environment. His new teammates added to that comfort, and quickly acquired usage of his nickname ("Shafe") when they were looking to be fed the puck during the drills and scrimmages.

Sporting a Marc Savard style soul patch and longish sideburns, Peter also looked like he, much like Savvy, might bring some more pizzazz to the room, if not the ice.

In any case, his point-producing credentials, with 89-144-233 line and a plus-59 in 493 NHL contests, will be noticed right away.

"It's real exciting," said Peter, stopped on his way to the weight room. "To come to a great organization and a team that is rebuilding and trying to move forward is very exciting for me."

Also exciting, said Schaefer, is encounter "faces that I've played with and against."

That's especially true, now that those skaters are not throwing their shoulders in his way with malice.
"It's always awkward meeting new people, especially with guys you usually went at it with," said the new Bruin. "It was fun out there today and it will be good to be able to have a couple of days to get to know the guys and get ready for a big season."

Speaking of big seasons, it's well documented that Schaefer was part of the Ottawa squad that nearly took The Cup home last June. Peter insists, however, that he is not disappointed to come to a team who is creating a new identity.

On the contrary, explained Schaefer.

"It's a new challenge," said the forward. "And it's always interesting (to change locations).
"I've seen what stepping stones they've taken here to improve the team and I'm sure that they'll be doing some more (tweaking).

Furthermore, Boston's legendary status as a true hockey hotbed, and it's amazing athletic history, makes Schaefer feel lucky to be part of the genesis of a rebound.

"It's very exciting to me to come to a great hockey city," he said. "Boston's a great sports city and I'll try (and help) things get turned around."

And thankfully, the regular season is almost here.
"It was a short off season," said Schaefer. "But I guess that is a good thing, not having too much time for anything (besides working out and recuperating).

"I did get back and see family and friends.
"But I pretty much came down to Boston as soon as I found out about the trade and we found a place," he said.

Like any true playmaker, Schaefer had a plan in mind to get himself in the best position to succeed.

"(Having settled in early,) we can have less stuff to do while getting ready for the season and keep my mind focused," he said.

He didn't want to have to set up a new place while he was in training camp?

Schaefer says that wasn't actually a factor.

"I let my wife set up the house the way she wants it," he said, with a big laugh.

Ahhhh. From the sound of it, he's a smart man, too.
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