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Savvy Skated With the Squad

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON - Forward Marc Savard spoke to the press from the Boston Bruins locker room after his first morning skate with the team this season.

"It felt unbelievable," said Savard. "You know it’s been a long time.

"You know it’s pretty make it to this step, and hopefully gradually get better and go from there."

Yesterday, Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli said that Savard, who is working his way back from post-concussion symptoms, was just a few tests, some conditioning and a few contact practices away from rejoining the playing roster. Although the GM did not want to be pushed into giving a timetable for Savard's return to action, Chiarelli did say that Marc had regained his "swagger."

On Saturday, Savard said that recently he had felt "fantastic."

"I would say for about two or three weeks now that I really haven’t felt any ill effects," said the center. "Things are heading in the right direction, that’s for sure."

The all-star pivot talked about the turning points in his recovery.

"I think it’s been a combination of stuff," said Savard. "Working hard and working with the doctors carefully -- the whole staff has been excellent; you know, Dr. Asnis and Dr. McInnis , Dr. Durant, [Don DelNegro], and [John Whitesides] obviously for keeping me in shape.

"And you know the whole training staff back to [equipment manager Keith Robinson], [assistant equipment manager Matt Falconer] -- I’d like to mention everybody.

"I think a big thing, too,the fans, they’ve been great," added Savard. "I’ve gotten a lot of really nice letters.

"It really helped me through this time."

Savard said his teammates had helped, as well. And it didn't stop with advice from Patrice Bergeron or workouts alongside Marco Sturm.

"It’s great seeing the guys playing well," said Savard. "I think that’s been the easiest thing for me, is to have time to get better and then work on my stuff that I need to work on and clearing my head so I am ready to go.

"The way they’ve been playing is fantastic and hopefully I can just fit in quietly and go about what I do best and help the team win in some area."

Asked if where he might fit in on the 11-5-1 Bruins, Marc said: "I think there’s a couple areas I can still help a bit."

But for now, Savard looks forward to the next step.

"Obviously keep practicing. It’s non-contact right now for me and then I’ve got one more test to go see another doctor and then once that’s all done I think it’s just get back into contact and get back into game speed again," said Savard, who added, "Well, practice speed so I can get ready for games because I’ve been skating on my own.

"I think we just got to keep working just get back into that skating shape and keeping up the power with the other guys."

Owing to plenty of work with Whitesides and his other injured teammates, the B's all-star center said he's well on his way to be in game condition.

"I think I’m still a little behind training camp [shape]," said Savard. "I’ve still got a little bit of a ways to go, but I’ve definitely come a long way and I did all my tests from training camp.

"And I pretty much I tied everything for bench and jumping and stuff like that, and I did a skating test kind of thing, so passed all that stuff, so that made me feel good in my head that I’m close.

"But like I said, nothing’s like skating with the guys -- even today I felt a little bit, they were moving pretty quick and I’ve got to keep skating and it’s going to take a little time here. But hopefully I can [get back] quick," he said. 
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