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Save of the Summer

by Caryn Switaj / Boston Bruins

LOWELL, MA - Tyler Seguin wasn’t quite sure what he was in for heading to the Lowell Spinners’ “Speed Dating" promotion, hosted by the Class-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox on Wednesday night.

The Spinners came up with the idea because they wanted “to offer a unique experience to our fans,” said VP of Corporate Communications Jon Goode, per the club’s press release about the event.

“We are in the business of making memories,” he said. “And this is certain to be a memory that will last a lifetime.”

The night was certainly full of memories for Bruins fans in attendance who won the chance to meet the forward through various gameday contests and an online charity auction.

Set up in a “speed dating” format, about 20 fans and their families got the chance to spend five minutes meeting Seguin, who was also surrounded by his friends.

But as Lowell sped to its sixth consecutive win, no one walked away from LeLacheur Park with a more vivid memory than VP of Facilities Dan Beaulieu.

Sitting near Seguin during the game, Beaulieu and other Spinners personnel kept an eye out for fly balls, while No. 19 met fans of all ages and signed autographs.

Though even Seguin admitted early in the game to staying aware. “Every time I turn, I’m talking, but I’m kind of looking past just making sure there’s no balls coming,” he said.

Tyler couldn’t have predicted that about midway through the night, when he was in the midst of signing a few more autographs for fans, that one of those foul balls would head right towards him.

But Beaulieu had his eyes on the field and saw the ball coming immediately.

“Well, there was a left-handed batter up, and this lefty hit a shot right at the back of Tyler’s head and I valiantly jumped out and smashed my cellphone,” he said afterwards, sitting with Tyler and recounting the moment – obliterated phone in hand.

A big bear hug later, both were all smiles, with Beaulieu proud to have helped keep Seguin safe and the B’s forward very grateful for the protection.

No. 19 also vowed to get his hero a new phone, a “21st century iPhone” upgrade, he said, flashing a smile.


Thanks to Dan for his hard work all night – and the save of the summer!

Tyler Seguin and Lowell Spinners VP of Facilities Dan Beaulieu

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