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Review: Official NHL Stanley Cup Champions DVD

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
I was there -- for all of it -- and after I watched the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Champions 2011 video I was thankful.

The B's DVD goes on sale on Tuesday
First off, I had hoped that somebody, somewhere, would collect all the most important footage surrounding the Black & Gold's sixth Stanley Cup. Secondly, I had wished for some way to explain what I was feeling (as a Bruins employee who's lucky enough to travel with the club) while all of the events of 2010-11 unfolded.

Folks, it's all there in this DVD and then some.

Through game footage, behind the scenes clips and many, many interviews with the team, the new collectors video, which debuted at Loews Boston Common Monday night, gives fans a complete picture of the Bruins stellar season and puts the viewer on the bench with Coach Julien, in the locker room with the players and on the ice for the Cup celebration with everyone wearing Black & Gold.

From legendary B's defenseman Bobby Orr's words to start the film, through the players' explanations of what they saw through to footage of Boston's biggest-ever rolling rally, Boston's 39-year Stanley Cup drought ends in a rain of champagne and you're close enough to taste it.

Bonus footage on the DVD disk includes extended footage from the parade and locker room celebration, behind the scenes video with the keepers of the Stanley Cup as they prepare to deliver Lord Stanley to the ice after Game 7, all of the B's "History Will Be Made" commercials and NHL Networks Top 10 goals, hits, saves and plays of the season from across the NHL.

Obviously, nothing can replace actually being there or the feelings that all of the Hub of Hockey had as the B's championship season played itself out, but this video will give longtime, diehard fans a way to rekindle their wonder at another championship and fans who hopped on board for the clubs' ride to new found Stanley Cup glory will enjoy reliving the journey again and again.

Honestly, some of the sights on the disk were events that I had actually been in the building to cover, but for whatever reason had never actually been able to enjoy or see closely.

For instance, you're right there as forward Nathan Horton pours melted Garden ice on the rink at Rogers Arena in Vancouver before Game 7 and captain Zdeno Chara carries the Cup into the victorious B's locker room.

It's all just awesome stuff that I missed that the first time around, but there it is on this disk to watch over and over -- and minus the six hour flight.

From an "insider's perspective" there was one other thing I enjoyed about the disk. I am not sure when all the interviews after the Final were filmed, but the Bruins who speak to you throughout this video sound and look tired, spent and happy -- just the way they were when they arrived home to Boston from Vancouver and just way they were after they got off the Duck Boats.

It's a living snapshot, captured before anyone's' voice had time to come back, before the circles under the eyes and bruises went away and with faces that are (in some cases) freshly shorn of their playoff beards.

For someone who had wished he had taken just a few more pictures or had sat back to enjoy for just a few more minutes, this video allowed me to revisit the incredible journey of the 2010-11 Boston Bruins.

As I said, I was there. After watching this video, you'll feel like you were, too.
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