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Reunited and it feels so good…

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Pre-game skate, I mean the interviews after pre-game skate, turned out to be pretty interesting as I began to understand the scope of the changes to the Bruins lineup that I posted previously.

Many fans and pundits alike have called for the return of Marco Sturm, Patrice Bergeron and Brad Boyes to line status. Your wish is granted, and for their part, the reunited line was happy.

Reunited, ‘cause it’s understood…
“I am really glad to be back,” said Sturm. “I think everyone loves playing at home.

“I am really pumped up…I’ve always had success [in Boston] and I am back with the line, too, tonight. So it should be good.”

“Experience. He’s been around,” said Boyes of why Sturm is so important to him and Bergeron. “It’s huge…he really knows how to play the game.”

“As far as Bergy and myself, we just complement each other really well.”

Tim Thomas is enjoying his first prolonged stretch between the pipes this season.

“Anytime you get a chance to play it’s exciting,” he said before today’s game. “If you can use the chance to get on a roll, you should try to.”

But playing lots of games is something Thomas is used to, and he is willing to do whatever the team asks.

“I realize that this is the NHL and that the level of goaltending that I am playing with is higher than any level I have played with.

“But, you get used to [playing several games in a row] and you feel comfortable.”

Drury on the Bruins
Unlike his teammate Daniel Briere, who felt that that Boston would not make the playoffs after the Sabres defeated the Bruins 6-2 on October 21 and said so in the Montreal Gazette, Buffalo center Chris Drury had lots of good things to say about the Boston Bruins after practice today.

“I wasn’t even aware [of Briere’s comments],” he said. “This [early in] a season, I wouldn’t say that about anybody.”

“You know, we have a good rivalry as it is. I think they’re a team that’s getting better and obviously proved that against Ottawa the other night, so we’ve got to be ready.”

And does playing in the Garden ignite any memories of past Beanpot glory?

“Yah, definitely,” said Drury. “It’s a fun town to play in.

“There’s a good atmosphere here and I think it is a good character building.”

Savvy, savvy?
“I’m happy to get out of these practice weeks,” said Marc Savard. “They become monotonous after a while. It’s the same thing as a college kid and I never even played college.

“I am excited to get some game in and just keep playing hockey. It’s going to be fun!”

Savard expects to be matched up against Briere and Drury this evening.

When asked what he expects to bring to the table this evening, Savard said: “I think the same work ethic as the last two games. I worked hard and got a couple of hits [for and against] and just try and work and put some points on the board to help the team win.”

Hoggan’s a hero
“No doubt about it,” said Jeff Hoggan when asked if tonight was characterized as a big game for the B’s. “We had a chance earlier to break [Buffalo’s win] streak and I think going into that game we needed to play at a higher level and have our emotions higher, but we know that if we don’t show up tonight this team can bury us.”

“Knowing that you have to come out and play with fire.”

Hoggan, teamed up with Mark Mowers and Wade Brookbank, will be called upon, yet again, to act as the Bruins energy line.

“Every night it’s the same thing,” he said. “That’s what they want from us. They want energy and to stir it up a bit. And be strong defensively.”

“We’ll do that tonight.”

More thoughts on this evening
“I got the ‘ok’ to play and hopefully things go well tonight…Anytime you are out of the lineup, obviously you are excited to get back, knowing you can contribute…I’ve got full range of motion and my strength is there and I feel pretty good, so, I am upbeat, ready to go.”
Defenseman, Andrew Alberts, on his first game back

“I don’t think that the score [was indicative] of what the play was all about. But they beat us 6-2 in our own rink. We are all up for the challenge tonight and we’ve got to respect their abilities and how good they are. But we can’t ‘respect’ them that much.”
Forward, Wayne Primeau, on the return match up

“This is an original six team, just look around the dressing room at all the different players that have played here. I look at what the Jacobs’ have done this year, in terms of giving the mangers the chance to sign some key free agents and making changes in the arena, making changes in the dressing room – trying to give a lot to the players and make it a great atmosphere. And the city itself is incredible and my kids enjoy it here. It is a great place.”
Primeau, on the Bruins and Boston in general

“When you win it is fun and entertaining, when you lose it is not as much fun. It’s poor entertainment. We’ve had time off. It seems like a long time ago when we last played so I think our start is important. Our structure, the things we have to improve upon it to become a good hockey team.”
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on tonight’s game

“There is a little difference in them. And there is not much difference in them. If you look at the guys who have played together before I guess the different one would be with Kessel at center, with Primeau and Donovan.”
Lewis, on the lines

“Lemmie think. They have 15 guys who have scored four or more points. Their power play is in the top-ten. Their penalty killing is in the top-ten. Their goals against is in the top-ten. Their goals for is number one. I don’t know what other statistical information you need. They’re well coached. They’re disciplined and don’t take a lot of penalties. They’re fast. Um, what else can I say. They have new jerseys? [chuckles]… You don’t look at statistics when you play an opponent. You just prepare yourself and get ready to play and go from there.”
Lewis, making the point that the Bruins need to focus on themselves and their preparation, rather then worry about the success of the Sabres

And one more thing…
Hannu Toivonen got hit in the head again in practice yesterday and may have to retire his Slap Shot mask, which was chipped by the errant puck.

Apparently, when the fiberglass chips, it’s time to retire it to the trophy wall.
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