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Recchi Relishes Role

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Boston, MA -- Mark Recchi might be an elder statesman of the NHL, but the future Hockey Hall of Famer said that training camp never gets old.

"No, no.  it never does," he said on Saturday. "I mean, we play, we get excited about this time of year.

"It’s not far around the corner now. All the hard work you put into summers, hopefully you get out there and you feel decent.

"It’s nice to see the fans out there. It’s been a good day."

Boston GM Peter Chiarelli said that having Recchi around is good for the Bruins younger players, particularly Tyler Seguin, who has been placed on Mark's line purposefully.

This has been a boon to the veteran winger, but is certainly keeping Recchi on his toes.

"Yeah, He’s damn fast. I had to keep up with him," said Recchi. "It’s good for me. 

"He could be my son..."

Recchi, 42, is old enough to be several of the B's father, and the mentor role is one that he takes very seriously.
"He’s a great skater and looks like he has some great skills," said Recchi. "I’m going to have some fun with him and work with him, looks like he really wants to learn.

"He was asking coaches questions, and that’s great.

"If there’s anything I see, I’ll help him, but he’s [got a] pretty high skill level for sure."

Recchi said that Seguin has the advantage of just having to come in and play hard on a team that is already poised for good things.

"He just has to be a piece of this puzzle," said Recchi. "He’s not asked to be a savior like Taylor Hall is going to be in [Edmonton]. 

"He can come in and kind of make his way here," continued Recchi. "He can make an impact slowly and learn the game properly.

"There’s not going to be a ton of pressure internally from us.  We just want him to get better and learn and want to be a good teammate."

Recchi thinks having Tyler and the other B's rookies around is a good thing for the Bruins.

"If they’re willing to learn and willing to listen, there’s nothing better for coaches and older players, even with a couple year older players," said Recchi. "There’s nothing wrong with a kid who comes in and wants to get better and wants to be a great teammate.

"He’s going to get all the help in the world  if he does that.  Every kid I’ve played with has been really great that way.

"[Like] Sidney [Crosby]...and I can go down the Saku Koivu and Steven Stamkos that I’ve played with.

"These kids, they want to be players and they want to learn. That’s so much fun for older guys to see that."

And personally, Recchi said the mentoring process is fun.

"It’s great. I love it," he said. "I mean, obviously, I’m at the twilight of my career, and I get to see these young players.

"I’m going to watch them for a long time, and I’m going to be watching with my kids and saying 'Yeah, we played together.'

"Hopefully they don’t forget me when I call them and ask for tickets," said Recchi.

Don't worry, Mark. It's a good bet they won't.
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