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Recchi At the Ready

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins -- Mark Recchi has been there, done that. There's nobody in the NHL with more experience -- literally.

But the B's veteran forward sounded like a kid when he talked about Boston's opportunity in Game 7.

"Not too many people counted on us being at this point right now," said Recchi in a postgame presser on Monday. "It's a great feeling.

"We battled hard tonight. We came to play and it's coming down to one game. This is what we dream of, when you're little kids playing street hockey, you know, you're in Game 7.

"We're going to go up there and we're going to go lay it on the line, like they are, and I think it's going to be an exciting game," he said.

Recchi, a Stanley Cup champion with Pittsburgh and Carolina, got serious, too. Asked what he would tell his teammates as they prepare to work for their own name space on the Cup, he said, "The biggest thing is just embracing it.

"This is what what we dream of. We've had pressure all year, pressure all through the playoffs. It's come down to one game.

"There is no pressure. Go play. Go out and have fun with this. It's what you play for and what we've worked hard for all year. We're going to have a blast doing it -- that will be the message." - Mark Recchi on Game 7
"There is no pressure. Go play. Go out and have fun with this," explained Recchi. "It's what you play for and what we've worked hard for all year.

"We're going to have a blast doing it -- that will be the message."

Recchi has embraced many moments throughout a season that he's hinted could be his last and he's not going to change his game plan now.

"They'll see how I'm acting and see you can't let it grab ya," said Recchi of setting the proper example. "You can't let it bite ya.

"We're going to play on the road and go and play a tremendous road game and compete and try and win a hockey game.
"The guys will be focused and ready," said Recchi.

Recchi himself has been focused and ready throughout the season and says that he didn't need any motivation from critics in the media.

"That doesn't motivate me," said Recchi. "Playing for my teammates is what I play for.

"That's all I play for, my teammates, coach, and organization.

"I don't want to let them down -- that's important to me," he said.

And Recchi is savoring each and every moment he has with the Bruins.

"That's the great thing about it. You know, I was fortunate to win one early in my career," he said. "From '06 when I won in Carolina to every playoff I've played in after that, I've been able to embrace it and enjoy it and watch how guys react and watch how they're acting and enjoy the experience of seeing guys go through their 'firsts.'

"It's neat and you're able to do that...and it's been just a great, great year this year for me. Like I said, great from the get go with this group of guys.

"You knew there was something special right from the first time we got together. When we went over to Prague, we knew we had something good there," he said.

But beyond the personal significance of Recchi's current run at the Cup, the man called "Rex" understands the historical signicance of the Black & Gold's journey.

"We know the significance, '72 the last time this town got to see a Stanley Cup, great sports town, great hockey town and it would be remarkable," he said. "There has been a lot of success with the other sports teams and the Bruins included, but it's been a long time. We hope we can do that.

"I've enjoyed Boston so much, as we all have, for the time I've been here and it's an incredible city and the people are wonderful and the sports are just -- it's a fun thing to be a part of.

"I hope we give them, you know, what they deserve."
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