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Ready to Turn the Page

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON -- While anticipation was high for both the ring reveal on Tuesday and Thursday's opening night, when they spoke to the press on Tuesday in the TD Garden, the Boston Bruins brass sounded like a group that had already turned the page on 2010-11.

"The common denominator is that it shows itself in some shape or form," said Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli of the specter of a Stanley Cup "hangover."

"So, we've done a number of things and we will do a number of things to try and address those things when we see them and we identify them. But it's unavoidable is what I'm told. I hate harping on it because sometimes I think it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, but all the people I've talked to a [man] have said that it does show itself up in some shape or form.

"We're just going to have to be on top of it."

Head Coach Claude Julien believes that his club is already on the right track.

"Yeah, absolutely," he began. "I think we've done a lot of good things this year as far as getting ready for this upcoming season.

"We're touching up some of the things we want to, obviously, improve a little bit on and I thought the last few days when we took off and did some team building, I really liked the attitude of our guys, I really liked what I saw.

"They say that chemistry plays a [big] part in having success and I feel we still got that chemistry obviously with the same guys and then the guys that have come in and...slid in there I should say, slid in there and have been well and accepted and done a great job at being accepted so I think there's going to be a smooth transition that way.

"So, as we speak right now, before the [season] opener, no doubt, I think we're a team."

From the President's office, Cam Neely is pleased with the transition between seasons.

"I think you get a taste of winning it's a pretty good taste so we got a great group of guys, great character, still fairly young team for the most part that I think aren't tired of winning yet, so you know I think our future both with for this season and for years to come bodes pretty well for us," said Neely. "We're going to have some new faces in the lineup that haven't necessarily won so you know, they're going to be hungry as well."

As a franchise, Bruins Principal Charlie Jacobs, who spoke about the lean times the B's have had, said that after the Stanley Cup win Boston remains as hungry as ever.

"Personally, from my experience here in Boston, this season made it all worth it," he said. "I mean regarding the hardships of the league and those years that we weren't necessarily as successful as we aimed to be.

"I hope that we can continue this winning ways that we've experienced this past year we've talked about -- extensively in fact -- about Stanley Cup hangover, which you referred to, but I feel that by and large the management staff to my right here has done their best to address it."

In the short run, that means accepting the ceremony and pomp and circumstance of the rings and opening nice and embracing those moments as special. But then, the club needs to move on.

"Well I think it is a bit of a legit concern," said Julien. "It's a natural thing and as I mentioned before we earned that right and our fans earned that right to experience it. That's just a part of winning a Stanley Cup.

"I think our team is mature enough to be able to handle that, but you know, no matter how you look at it from us standing up front here to the players it's going to be an emotional night and somehow we're going to have to find a way -- the coaches and players -- to shift into gear here and realize that we also have a game  to win and that's a challenge in itself, but it's a challenge that we're ready to take [on].

"I think we're a team, mature enough with all the experience of the past that we will be able to put that aside when it's all done, and play a solid game."

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