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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Friday night thoughts

The weather is messing with my dish and I am missing some pretty good games on NHL Center Ice.

I appreciate the changing face of nature -- winter is my favorite season for that reason.

But I now own a home and tonight I am concerned that my house, with my wife and I inside, could float down Main Street and into the river if this monsoon does not subside.

Anyway, short of the thunderstorm over the Bish Cave, it is so nice to be home. I am happy, thanks to the B’s.

And I am resting up for a big trip with my dad, John "The Elder" Bishop, to see the Bruins play their archrivals, the Montreal Canadiens.

Not a bad father and son outing, if I do say so myself!

Hide your Tim-Bits (donut holes) and poutine (gravy fries and cheese); Bish x 2 is on its way…Look out Canada here we come!

So Sunday morning I’m going down to Connecticut to pick up Dad and we’ll then make our way up Route 91 North toward Quebec.

If we had a little more time I would stop by University of Vermont to see Bruce Bosley in the UVM Sports Information Office, chat him up about Catamount hockey, and then head up to la belle provence.

But the B’s practice at 11 a.m. and I will have to high tail it to make the session in Montreal.

We should make it, though, as it is just over 4.5 hours. Up at 4, in CT by 5, in Montreal by 10’ish.

Hockey Holiday
And as far as I am concerned, the next few days figure to provide a great set of hockey games.

Like, New York vs. Buffalo tonight, should my TV cooperate.

Then tomorrow, we all get to see the B’s vs. Carolina.

Sunday, B’s and Canadiens practice in Montreal.

Then there is the big game on Monday night in the Bell Centre.

As an added bonus, I’ll be home for Hazel and Bish’s Blog on the Buzz on Tuesday night.

Not bad at all.

Tim’s makes us tearful
By the way, a Tim Horton’s commercial on TSN (the NHL package is working again) just made me and my wife teary eyed.

For me, it’s not shocking -- I cry at greeting cards.

But the General, a woman who did not cry at our wedding, just started crying because of a donut shop commercial.

[shakes head]

So, anyway, the commercial portrays a strict grandfather, who of course brings his son a Tim Horton’s coffee in a cold rink, and sits down to watch his grandson play hockey.

"He’s better than you," says Grandfather to his son.

"How would you know?" says the son, bitterly -- implying that his dad missed his hockey games.

"I was there," says Grandpa and pulls out a picture of his son, the young right wing -- and there is a flashback to the son as a child.

Both guys tear up -- and so did my wife and I.

Awful. Just Awful. I am such a sap.

We have a snowman down. A snowman is down.
Mother Nature obviously has no use for holiday decorations.

She took down the General’s happy snowman and I just went out to fix it.

And thank goodness, the rain has finally stopped.

Frosty, by the way, is just fine.

But I digress…

Voices in the room
"We want to play the way we have playing lately. Obviously, we didn’t play well against them at all and that was kind’ve a set back. We want to be playing the way we have been playing and show them who the Bruins really are."
Forward, Marc Savard, on playing Carolina

"I started it in Atlanta, so we won three straight here with it, so -- knock on wood. It’s working…so it’s good."
Marc Savard, on "rally helmets"

"Obviously every game is important so we can’t let our guard down any time. It’s not like in prior years where, you know there might be an easy game here and there. There’s no easy game nowadays. Every team seems to be pretty equally matched. And you just have to prepare yourself and make sure you are intense and focused right from the drop of the puck."
Forward, Wayne Primeau, on playing each game the same way

"I was here eight hours yesterday trying to heal this thing up…it’s definitely starting to feel better, its just a question of getting the blood out of the leg and getting regular motion back…in the second period, when the glass came out Chad Kilger hit me…right where the boards come up my leg hit the top of the boards."
Defenseman, Paul Mara, on healing up and how it happened
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