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R.I.P. Mustache Mania

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Phil Kessel will play tonight in Providence and Bruins head coach Dave Lewis is ecstatic about that development.

"He’s only had one full practice with us," said Lewis. "So this is a great opportunity for him."

Scoops of the Day
Beyond the assignment of Kessel to the P-Bruins for three games, the other big news was that both Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara were not at practice and are game day decisions to play tomorrow.

"(Bergy) is sore, but hopefully he’ll be okay for tomorrow…we’ll find out for the game," he said. "(Chara) had to go see the doctor…he’s unknown for tomorrow, too."

No other info was given.

Clean Shaven
Mustache mania is officially over…o-v-a. Ova.

Well, duh.

After the game last evening, that development is certainly no stretch to believe. The B’s are due for a serious change in the luck.

And by hook or by crook, it was time.

"No go, Bish," said Wayne ’Newton’ Primeau after practice. "It’s all done."

And after an eerily quiet evening, the room was similarly quiet after the high tempo noon practice session -- that is, until the lone mustached member of the clan, again, Preems, turned up the iPod and its techno music.

Not too many people grooving to the beat in the room today, though. The music that was so bad, by the way, that EVERYONE in the room had to laugh, despite not wanting to.

"I just think…it didn’t work," said the stache progenitor, Shean Donovan to NESN’s Rob Simpson. "It’s time to shave off the staches.

"It didn’t last too long."

By Simpson’s count, it was 24-goals against since the beginning of l’affair du stache.

"It was pretty ugly so we’ll just change it up," said Donovan. "But it had a lot more to do with what we were doing on the ice."

"Thank God it is over," said Coach Lewis. "You have to be a special person to wear a mustache."

Coach is NOT shaving his, however.

"No. Not yet," he said.

Thoughts on Toronto
Andrew Alberts was predictably somber.

"Not too many positives you can take out of (last night)," he said. "You just learn from your mistakes and move on."

"It simple. That’s probably the worst we could probably do.

"There’s really nothing you can do -- learn from it -- and go on from there."

Tim Thomas was similarly angry, but complicit with his philosophical nature, he tried to keep it in perspective.

"Really it’s just a loss and it’s a chance to get two points taken away.

"That’s the majority of it. But the reality is that it’s embarrassing.

"So, tomorrow is a new game. But today I’m embarrassed," said the goalie, as he took off his pads.

"I am not happy."

When asked about a similar experience he had in college, an 11-1 thumping he and the Catamounts endured at the hands of Boston University at Walter Brown arena in 1994, Thomas thought for a second, definitely remembered the contest, and said:

"Let’s just say that I reacted much more maturely this time than I did when I was in college."

And he left it at that.

Coach Lewis was as succinct in his assessment.

"The only way to get out of something like this is to put your nose to the grindstone," said Lewis. "Words and rhetoric aren’t as important as effort and determination."

"It’s an old ugly cliché, but it is the only way to get yourself out of a funk like this."

I’m off to Providence. I will blog ASAP after the game.
Oh, and by the way, "Good Effort" to the fans who showed up fully "stached." The players noticed your hard work and appreciated it.
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