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'Proud of the Way They Represented This City'

by Caryn Switaj / Boston Bruins

BOSTON, MA - There's no use in rehashing those final moments of the season again (sorry, really, to even bring it up).

But the past week has been a reflection of the entire season as a whole, and, as General Manager Peter Chairelli would say, from the broader view of 30,000 feet above, it was quite a sight to see.

Success is usually defined by championships, by the amount of Stanley Cups.

But, it too, can be defined by impact. And the Bruins certainly had a successful impact this season - on each other, the team, the organization, Boston, greater New England, and maybe a further extension than that.

So, when Bruins' Owner Jeremy Jacobs, Principal and Alternate Governor Charlie Jacobs and President Cam Neely addressed media Friday morning during their usual year-end press conference, there was disappointment at what could have been, yes, but there was also an immense amount of pride in what the Bruins accomplished this season.

"It’s been a very successful season as far as I’m concerned. To wind up where we did, we were - yesterday there were 30 teams that showed up at the [NHL Board of Governors] meeting yesterday and I know 28 of them would have liked to have been where we were," said Owner Jeremy Jacobs.

"We were in the Finals. We fought very hard. We got beat by a team that was equally well represented themselves and did a very good job. I think our team was terrific this year. I’m very impressed with them."

"The Chicago series was terrific. Two storied franchises," he added. "I think it was a tribute to hockey. It was a tribute to the Bruins. I’m really proud of them. I’m proud of the way they presented themselves. I’m proud of the way they played and proud of the way they represented this city."

"The incidents of Boston and the hardships this community suffered I thought was recognized and, if anything, we wanted to win this for the community."

Jacobs also focused on the team's make-up and what they battled through.

"I think, from what I saw and some of our leaders did. Bergeron epitomizes a Bruin, he really does. And let’s not forget about Campbell and what he did and the efforts that he put out," said Jacobs. "We’ve got some characters there that we want to build with and build on and they bring a lot to a dressing room."

"They are very relevant to this community. They’re important to it. They’re important to the atmosphere. The people rise and fall. A lot of us rise and fall with the success or lack thereof of our sports teams and there’s no place that does that more than do the Bruins fans and Boston fans."

"To say that we were playing for the Stanley Cup twice in - ’11 and now ’13 - in three years it really speaks to the quality and depth of the Boston Bruins."

Charlie Jacobs also spoke with media, and reflected on the Final and the B's season.

"I think it should be said on behalf of the ownership and management of the Boston Bruins to congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks. They’re a helluva team and they do a great job, as my father referenced here earlier, we did see some great history here these past few weeks," said Jacobs.

"I couldn’t be more proud of the guys in our locker room, our coaching staff, our GM, Cam, everybody that touched this organization this year."

He also touched on the up and down season, and how much he felt the team touched New England.

"I think a lot of people in this market and around the Commonwealth identified themselves with this club and the guts and courage it displayed throughout this playoffs. For a lot of us, that embodied what we wanted to be here in Boston after the events of the 15th of April."

"In many ways, I think we did our part. We fell a little bit short and, trust me, it hurts me a lot. I felt like we had a great opportunity to raise a second Stanley Cup banner here next fall. It’s not lost on me that that opportunity doesn’t come around very often. I sure hope we can get back there soon enough."

When Neely first addressed the media gathered, he, first and foremost, wanted to show his gratitude for their fans, who sold out the Garden every night.

"First of all, I feel compelled to thank our season ticket holders and fans especially after the loss of Game 6 how they were chanting for our team. I thought it was pretty impressive," said Neely, if the fan reaction.

"It speaks volumes of the types of fans that we have here. It is our responsibility as a management group to give them the best possible team that we can."

"Obviously, with ownership allowing us the opportunity to put the best team on the ice, so our fans deserve it and I really feel compelled to thank them and our season ticket holders for their support all year. It makes a big difference."

"From a player’s perspective, to be able to play in front of a crowd like that is pretty special because it doesn’t happen unfortunately throughout the whole league, but in a city like this, their support is fantastic and it does make a difference when we are on the ice."

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