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Professor Paille

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins - Mrs. McLaughlin’s third grade class in John Parker Elementary School from Billerica, MA is nearing the end of its Boston sports team themed spirit week. Monday was Red Sox day, Tuesday was Celtics Day, and Wednesday was Patriots day. Thursday, February 27 was the day for Bruins gear, and for a good reason.

After a day full of anticipation, the kids were surprised with a visit from Daniel Paille, who stepped in as their interim teacher to help teach math as part of the Boston Bruins I.C.E School.

Boston Bruins I.C.E. (I Can Excel) School provides Kindergarten through eighth grade teachers in various New England States with supplemental curriculum materials that incorporate the sport of hockey and the Bruins into lesson plans while aligning with the common core standards.

“‘I basically was giving a math lesson, basically multiplication and different types of adding.” Paille clarified. “I think it was a special treat with having them because they seemed very shy and once I got them to talk…they opened up a little bit.”

The questions Paille had to work with were all Bruins related and one included figuring out how many goals were scored in a game if Milan Lucic, Patrice Bergeron, and Shawn Thornton all got a hat trick against the Montreal Canadiens.

“So this is how we broke it down with the kids,” Paille explained. “We said there were three players who scored three goals, so you do three times three equals nine goals.”

It was clear that the kids and the teacher, Laurie McLaughlin, were very excited for the visit because there was no lack of black and gold in the classroom. The kids may have started out shy, but when it came time to ask Paille questions, they seemed to forget their bashfulness.

Questions that were asked included, “what is your favorite ice cream?” (chocolate peanut butter), “what is your favorite animal” (cheetah), and “what is your favorite number?” (surprisingly, it’s 19).

The forward laughed when one little boy told him that he plays with Paille in an NHL video game, but also said he only has 5 goals in the game.

“Let’s get that up a little bit,” was Paille’s response.

However, his response to Shawn Thornton scoring a hat trick against the Montreal Canadiens was a little less reserved.

“Maybe we can have that as a fantasy.”

At the conclusion of the lesson, Laurie expressed her love for the I.C.E School and its curriculum.

“I’m a big Boston sports fan and the Bruins are one of my favorite, so I signed up for it a few years ago,” McLaughlin stated.

“I really like the I.C.E. School. I like the fact that it uses common core and I can take it and correlate it right into my class.”

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