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Practice, Practice, Practice

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Here are today’s lines:

Teal, Axelsson-Savard-Boyes
White, Kessel-Bergy-Murray
Gray, Donovan-Primeau-Sturm (-Brookbank)
Yellow, Hoggan-Mowers-Stastny

All of the D was on the ice.
Dempsey, Chara, Mara, Stuart, York, Alberts and Jurcina

But I am not sure about the d-pairings, as Mara was back from a day off.

Coach Lewis hopes that the forward lines above will be the ones that he uses for Thursday night.

He also continued to praise the fourth line of Jeff-Mark-Yan.

Both goalies were on the ice and saw equal amounts of work.

The starting goalie for Thursday has not been named as of yet.

Coach said that bigger changes might be on their way if the team did not find some success.

During today’s practice, there was a clear emphasis on passing as the team members were paired up for drills that saw them passing back and forth on the move for the length of the rink. One variation on this drill saw one of the pair skating backward as his partner went forward.

There were also drills that ensured the goalies saw more than one shot in a given scoring play. One of these had the puck being shot by a forward; the goalie made the save and the same forward went for the stuff. He then waited in front of the goalie for the next shooter and tries to tip the puck in.

There was also plenty of work on forechecking with several drills putting skaters in corners trying to dig the puck out.

Two funny moments:
Assistant Coach Doug Houda and Tim Thomas filled Assistant Coach Marc Habscheid’s hockey gloves with snow as he was diagramming a play on the wipe board. Coach obviously figured out what had happened and had to bang out his gloves to keep using them.

However, Thomas got his comeuppance after practice.

When he tried grabbing his extra goalie stick, it started a domino reaction and sent the entire stack of sticks for the entire team tumbling down behind the bench with a crash.

Thomas, helmet on top of his head, turned red as he looked at Head Coach Dave Lewis. Coach just shook his head, laughed and said, "You better just get off the ice."

Two not so funny moments:
Hannu Toivonen got hit in the head twice today. Not so exciting, I know. And it is actually par for the course. But both instances made a pretty big sound and had Hannu shaking out the cobwebs.

I simply can’t believe there was a time when the goalies did not wear masks.

For whatever reason, there was a HUGE media contingent in the locker room today, but I was able to get some quotes on digital for BruinsCast (or the official Bruins podcast). Yesterdays BruinsCast is available, right now, on the front page of and the quotes from today will be available soon.

Don’t forget to listen in!

Voices in the room
"We have to show them. They have to form an opinion on what they see. And we haven’t delivered consistently at all, yet. The special teams aren’t where I want them to be, the defensive zone coverage, the goals against; we’re not there. So, until the fans see that [they won’t have anything] to rally around… We’ve got some dynamic personalities, we’ve got a young team with some exciting players -- that’s fine, but you have to get it done on the ice."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on the Bruins Faithful Fans

"They know that to be effective they have to depend on each other, to use each other…for all the little detail things [the fourth line is] a great example of what three guys can accomplish together."
Lewis, on the fourth line

"Good. It’s a little sore and swollen, but you battle through that…and in time it will get better."
Defenseman, Paul Mara, on how his minor injury is healing

"It didn’t go the way we wanted it to. We have to be better. We know that we have to improve. It’s going to start on Thursday night."
Captain, Zdeno Chara, on switching gears

"Our goal is to create energy and get momentum to swing if we need that. It’s like that day in, day out, game in and game out."
Forward, Yann Stastny, on the purpose of the fourth line
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