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Plenty to Say on Saturday

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
ST. PAUL, MN -- B's Head Coach Claude Julien continued Friday's reticence on Saturday morning when asked about the absence of Tyler Seguin from the club's session at Wakota Arena in South St. Paul.

"He’ll be fine," Julien said of Seguin. "He’ll be in tomorrow."

Pressed for more, Julien told reporters who wondered if the right wing had needed a "maintenance day" to "call it whatever you want – he’s going to play tomorrow."

But when asked about his club's play and if he saw any positive results during the hour-plus battle filled practice, Julien opened up.

"Yeah, I’ll be more pleased with what we do tomorrow, If we can do the right things," said Julien. "We just keep working on trying to find our game here and find our rhythm.

"It’s a challenge and you just got to keep working through it."

For over five minutes Julien was asked about things like the Bruins power play, attitude and net front presence. No matter, the coach's message stayed the same.

"There’s a lot in our game that has to be better," said Julien. "The commitment to play the way we can and the work we put behind it and the enthusiasm"

"Enthusiasm creates energy and we haven’t had that in a while.

"When we have in spurts, against certain teams, it makes a big difference so we have to find that again and get ourselves geared up to head in the right direction.

"Like I said it’s not a fun situation and it’s not an easy situation, and there’s not a team in the league that doesn’t go through it," continued Julien. "We go through it every year and we’re going through it now, and bottom line is let’s fight through it and find a way to get out of it.

"You can’t give up, but you just can’t accept it either and it’s a matter of combining those two together and battling your way through it."

Julien understands the media's job is to analyze and try to give readers and viewers an explanation of the B's troubles. But Boston's coach believes the problems of the Black & Gold are pretty black and white.

"We can talk about that power play and we can talk about the net-front presence and I’m sure somebody else will come up with something else and I’ll say you guys are absolutely right on all those things," said Julien, who said the B's are losing because "We’re not playing well enough."

"It’s pretty simple guys.

"You guys can look at it whatever way you want because you’re entitled to it and you’re probably right with a lot of what you’re saying, but I’m going to look at it as a struggling team that has to get out of it by playing a better game," added Julien. "It’s just a matter of us righting the ship here and getting our focus at doing the little things right again.

"It’s not just one area, it’s many many areas." 
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