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Patrice Bergeron Chat Transcript - 4.2.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Patrice Bergeron
The_Linesman: Go ahead and start firing questions!
P_Bergeron: Hey everybody thanks for coming.  Let's get started.

cooker: Obvious one, Patrice, how are you feeling, and what's the timeline on game condition?
P_Bergeron: I'm feeling better, it's good to be back on the ice with the guys. Now I am skating and working out more so the conditioning is getting there, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully soon.

Katie_From_ME: Since your injury, what is the one thing that you miss most about playing?
P_Bergeron: First and foremost, I've missed everything about the game. Being around the guys, being part of the action and part of the game and helping the team win. It's tough sitting around and watching the team play and not being able to help.

Stockfan42: Patrice, what are the odds of seeing you suited up for the playoffs?
P_Bergeron: Not sure yet, I still have some doctors to see.  I am not cleared for contact yet but I'm hoping to continue to make progress and get back as soon as I can.

vicki22l: we miss u so much. has it been hard on you being away for so long, or have you tried to enjoy the time off?
P_Bergeron: It wasn't a vacation at all.  It was very hard to stay positive.  It has been very frustrating, the longest five months of my life. I'm happy that I've started to turn the corner and have been able to be around the team more.

pooleyacht: Hi Patrice, What will it take for the team to win these games down the stretch?
P_Bergeron: Just play our game.  Don't worry about the standings and how the other teams are doing. It is in our hands.  We just have to take care of business.

andyd387: do you think the club will hang on and make the playoffs and if so how far do you think they can go?
P_Bergeron: Yes I think we are going to make it. We are in a good position to do it.  Once you are in, it doesn't matter where you finish in the standings.  It is a brand new season, anything can happen.

haileyluvsbergy: how do you like your new haircut?
P_Bergeron: I don't mind it!  It's easier in the mornings. Although the helmet is a little looser now! It was worth it though, we helped out a really good cause.

cooker: How about David Krejci over the last few games???? (wow)  And the young talent on this team?
P_Bergeron: He has been great. The way he is playing doesn't surprise me at all.  He is more confident now and he is using his assets- his patience and his vision.

ed: How did Ward convince you to shave your head?
P_Bergeron: Didn't have to convince me.  Just asked me, said it was for a good cause and I wanted to be a part of it.

MPMiles12: How did you stay positive during your injury?
P_Bergeron: I was just looking forward to the next time I could step back on the ice. That was pretty much the approach I took.

Goaler2543: First off, I'm looking forward to seeing you back on the ice, man. Secondly what other sports did you play as a kid and what did they teach you that helped translate to your hockey game?
P_Bergeron: I played soccer when I was younger.  I think your vision and being able to see the plays develop is similar in soccer and hockey.

The_Linesman: I see that we have some Francophones here. We will try to accommodate a few questions in French, so shoot us some questions.

BruinsFan24: What's the best rivalry you've ever been a part of, at any level?
P_Bergeron: Montreal and Boston for sure. It is always fun and always special to play these games with so much history between the two clubs.

b_s_fan_from_mt: there is a strong chance you will face mtl in the will the team react to that?
P_Bergeron: I think we will react fine.  Yes we did have some tough times against them this year, but I know we can handle any team in the playoffs.

bobbyorr_4: Patrice what are you thoughts on Alex Ovechkin?
P_Bergeron: He's a great player. He plays hard and he's having a great season. He's an exciting player to watch.

Black&Gold: Comment trouves-tu la ville de Boston? :) Good luck on a speedy recovery, can't wait to see you with the team again. Go Bruins!
P_Bergeron: J'aime beaucoup la ville. C'est probablement une des plus belle ville des USA. C'est proche du Quebec et les gens sont tres acceuillant.

P_Bergeron: They asked how I like Boston...I really like the city, it is probably one of the most beautiful in the US. It is close to Quebec and the people there are really friendly.

ejb: Can't wait to see you back on the ice... given the type of injury you suffered what type impact (positive or negative) do you this will have on your style of play when you return?
P_Bergeron: I don't see any negative factors coming back.  I'm really excited about it and passionate about coming back.

Kapler_Fan: hey bergie, any news on manny or alberts?
P_Bergeron: Manny is doing great, like me he keeps improving. It's been really good working with him the last few months.  He keeps me sharp. Albe should be coming back tonight.  I am very excited for him. It's been a long time for him too.

savvygirl94: who do you hang out with most on the team and is it true that marco is like the father of you guys?
P_Bergeron: For the last few months, the people I have hung out with most are Don Delnegro (our trainer) and John Whitesides our strength coach! As for Marco, he is Phil's dad... I'm not sure about everyone else!

PB_85: Bergeron you're the best!!!! You seem to be getting closer and closer to getting back on the ice, do you think you'll be rusty or will you pick up where you left off from the beginning of the season?
P_Bergeron: Thanks... I'm sure it will take a little bit of time to get the timing back.  I need to be realistic, five months is a long time to be out, but I know I'll be back quickly... and I am working as hard as I can to shake the rust off as quick as possible.

be_a_bruin: Hi Patrice, just like everyone else I'm glad to hear you're do so well and can't wait to see you on the ice again. Does Alberts return psych you up for your own?
P_Bergeron: Yes, I am going to ask him a lot of questions after the game. About his timing, the speed of the game versus what we've been playing in practice, how he felt. And what he thinks I should work on that can help me. I am excited for him.
BOSTONBRUINS195: Patrice do you like what you see despite all the injuries ...the BRUINS still in the playoffs race with 3 games to go?
P_Bergeron: All year the guys have done a great job battling through adversity.  Everyone played their role and stepped up and really came together as a team. That is why we are in a good position to make the playoffs right now.

gobergie: Penses tu revenir au jeu si boston passe en 2e ronde?
P_Bergeron: J'espere bien. Il n'y a pas de decision de prise encore. Par contre j'espere continuer a faire du progres et avoir une chance cette annee.
P_Bergeron: They asked if I thought I would be back if we make it past the first round of the playoffs...I said I hope so. There is no decision made yet, although I hope to continue to make progress and have a chance this year.

PB_85: Patrice tonight is a BIG game for the bruins as will the last 2 after it. Marty is one tuff goalie to beat what are the keys to get the puck in the back of the net?
P_Bergeron: With a good goalie like Brodeur it is tough.  You have to get traffic in front of the net, you can't try and be pretty you have to work to get chances and stick to the basics. We have enough talent, we just have to focus on ourselves.

spicysuga81: what do u do on your days off?
P_Bergeron: I like walking around the city. Checking out movies, restaurants, plays.

joseph: How did you feel when Milan won the 7th player award?
P_Bergeron: Jealous!  I didn't get a free car when I was a rookie! Just kidding, I was real happy for him.  He was very deserving, there were a bunch of other guys that could've gotten it too.

bruinsfan37: What's your favourite arena to play in?
P_Bergeron: Montreal. My family gets to come to the games and the crowds are always energetic.  It is a big challenge because you are playing a good team in front of a loud crowd.

LeSage: Of all NHL players past and present, who would you like on your wings?
P_Bergeron: I'd say Chief on my left and Cam on my right.

whitbyfan: fans always make signs at games, were there ever any signs that were clever and caught your attention? ones you'll never forget?
P_Bergeron: The ones that Luch makes and hands out to the fans before games are pretty good!

i_love_bergeron: How excited are you about playing with  the young forwards this team is developing specifically Krejci, Lucic, Sobotka, and Kessel
P_Bergeron: I think the future is very bright for the Bruins.  I am excited to play alongside those guys.

The_Linesman: Ok we are getting toward the time to hit the bus...A couple of more questions!

b_s_fan32: I've heard Wardo can grow the best playoff beard, are you a close second?
P_Bergeron: Hopefully by the Cup finals it will look like a real playoff beard!

bruinsfan374024: who is your favorite active player?
P_Bergeron: Outside of the Bruins, it would Peter Forsberg. Joe Sakic as well.

kdog: Who is hardest defenceman to play against??
P_Bergeron: It was Z. Before he became a Bruin, so I don't have to worry going against him in games now.
PlayoffPusher: who is the hardest goalie to score against?
P_Bergeron: I'd say Luongo.

machoman911b: Patrice, if you had to play on a line with one of Crosby, Ovechkin, or Malkin...who would you take and why?
P_Bergeron: Crosby. I played with him at the World Championships and World Juniors.  It was awesome, he's a great player and we played well together.

The_Linesman: Okay, just a couple more...

joseph: How do you feel about the NHL's new schedule rules? Now you'll get to play each team at least once
P_Bergeron: It'll be good to play the Western Conference teams and it will be good for the fans to see everyone at least once. Thanks everyone for coming.  Big games coming up for us! Merci beaucoup. On a des joutes tres importante pour nous cette semaine.

The_Linesman: Thanks everyone. We'll announce our next guest soon!
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