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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I am not a fan of the Yankees. I think they have some great players, but I never have cheered for them. Maybe in the playoffs after 9/11, I’ve never really admitted that though.

But I am a fan of Matsui now! The play the other night was amazing! He breaks his wrist and still crawls to the ball so he can make the throw to second base. He only then allows his face to show pain. What a competitor!

Then, after surgery, he apologizes to his teammates. He apologized for getting injured. Hopefully everyone realizes the difference between being hurt and being injured. Simply put, you play hurt. When you’re injured, you have surgery.

In my mind, I think that Matsui must be a hell of a teammate! You know he must have played hurt over the course of the 1,718 consecutive games, yet he still felt the need to say he was sorry. Sounds to me like the pain he is feeling in his arm is nothing compared to the pain he is feeling for letting his team down.

Again, three days ago I wouldn’t have said this. I really like Matsui!
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