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Paille and Boychuk Serve Dinner

by Dyan LeBourdais / Boston Bruins
Boston, MA -- On Tuesday evening, November 17, Bruins newcomer Daniel Paille and NHL rookie Johnny Boychuck served dinner to 200 children at the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club in Roxbury.

“I tried to wear your colors, black and gold, because I knew you were coming!” shouted Cleveland, an 8-year-old boy from Roxbury, into the kitchen window towards Boychuck who was wearing a very big smile while serving the kids salad and shepherds pie.

“It’s my first time trying to be in the community here in Boston," explained Paille as he helped Boychuk. "In the past the people usually are [excited] and I hope so today."

Paille was part of many community events while with the Sabres.

“Never serving food, but when I was in Buffalo I used to read to the kids and sometimes it was pretty much the whole school," said Paille. “I’m assuming there were at least 200 kids there and they were screaming loudly for just a reading, so I’m looking forward to getting to see how they are here.”

There probably wasn’t as much screaming this time, but with two Bruins serving a meal, there was plenty of excitement.

“We serve a hot nutritious meal,” said Andrea Swain, the executive director of the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club. “Often times, these young people don’t have lunch [or have lunch early] and they come here right after school and their parents don’t pick them up until 6:00.

“So we try to provide fruit, salad, a protein and milk every day,”

“We will have been here 100 years in January so we are embarking upon our centennial celebration,” added Swain.

Boychuk, the B’s own “Mr. Positive” looked out over his “guests” and just enjoyed the good vibes.

“Well just seeing these guys with big smiles on their faces when you give them their food is just priceless,” said Boychuk. “It means a lot to give back to the community, because they give us a lot too.”

The night's dinner was apples, milk, shepherds pie and salad. Dessert was cookies and peach cobbler.

“It was pretty good actually,” said Boychuck about a cookie made by the chefs at the Boys and Girls Club.

“I had to sample it and make sure it was safe for the kids,” he said with a chuckle.
“I had the peach cobbler,” said Paille. “It was my first time trying it and it was sweet, but they said that’s how it’s supposed to be, so I liked it.”

In total there are about 200 kids that come for dinner, so the Bruins were busy. But the two hockey players understood that their efforts were appreciated.

“Well I mean I always like coming and helping with the community, just having a smile on somebody just says a lot and things like that is exciting for me to be a part of,” said Paille

“I would do that again any time,” agreed Boychuck.
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