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P.J. Axelsson Chat Transcript - 4.16.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

P.J. Axelsson
BruinsHaveHeart: Being down 3-1, we heard coach Julien say that the task is simple, 1 game at a time. However, it must be difficult to forget you’re down 3-1. How is the teams overall attitude going into game 5.
P.J. Axelsson: We are just going to go out there and work hard and see what we can do. We do have to take it one game at a time here.

lisa_37: What's it like playing in a series against Montreal, given all the history?
P.J. Axelsson: Original 6 matchups are always a lot to fun play in, especially around the playoffs. The atmosphere has been electric in both buildings.

beproud42: Does the team get as up in arms about the officiating as the fans do?
P.J. Axelsson: The officiating is something we can't control.  We have to focus on the game and what we can control.

Axy_1: The next game is critical, in practices are you guys focusing more on scoring or the defensive play?
P.J. Axelsson: Scoring.

JASMINE21: what do u think of the fans booing Chara when he has the puck in Canada
P.J. Axelsson: That means he's doing something right! They are trying to get under his skin, shows he's a good player.

ndesi22: What were you thinking during the last 10 seconds of last night's game with so many opportunities?
P.J. Axelsson: Just hoping that we could put the puck in the net!

gab_bruins_fan: With you guys having trouble to score but creating plenty of chances, what do you think you guys will do differently to put the puck in the net and maybe get an early lead?
P.J. Axelsson: Just bear down when we have the chances. We've had good opportunities; we just haven't been able to put them away.

bosbruins90: Hey P J I'm ur biggest fan... How can the team come back to a 3-1 hole?
P.J. Axelsson: It's simple... win three games! Just kidding, we really have to take one game at a time here. And obviously we need to score more goals than we have been.

bergie_37: How did it feel to get in that fight towards the end of the regular season?  What provoked it?
P.J. Axelsson: It just happened.  Was trying to get something going for the team.

UMassfan: How do you plan to get pumped for tomorrow night's game? KICK HAB BUTT!!
P.J. Axelsson: You always are pumped for playoff games... I'm sure the crowd will help too.

ndesi22: how much of a factor are the Montreal fans
P.J. Axelsson: When you are out there on the ice you don't hear them as much, but before the game they are really loud. It gets you excited and pumped up though. I was impressed with how loud our fans were the last two games in Boston.

beproud42: A lot of people predicted that the Bruins would wind up at the bottom of the conference this season- how did it feel to prove them wrong?
P.J. Axelsson: It felt good... that was one of our goals.  We believed in ourselves.

Yan_Boston: What do you think about the performance of Carey Price?
P.J. Axelsson: He's been real good. Very calm for his age. He is a big goalie, square to the shooter and stops the puck.

lisa_37: Which of your teammates do you feel is most improved this season?
P.J. Axelsson: Mark Stuart. He is a little more confident with the puck this year, making plays. He plays hard.
SamanthaBicica: Hey, I met you today after practice!! :) Do you think the Bruins' fans have done better at over powering the Habs fans at the Garden?
P.J. Axelsson: Yes for sure.  It's been really nice to hear our fans be that loud!

bruins_in_7: does Savard really talk to his stick?
P.J. Axelsson: It wouldn't surprise me!

lets_go_bs: PJ, are we going to see you drop the gloves again anything soon?!
P.J. Axelsson: You never know!

BRUINS11: Hey guys are playing your best hockey in the playoffs...besides putting the puck in the net...:) who do you think has really stepped it up in the playoffs?
P.J. Axelsson: Schaef and Nokie.  They have stepped it up, working very hard and have been tough in the corners.

gob_sgo: Will the game plan for game 5 be any different than previous games?
P.J. Axelsson: We are about to find that out at our meeting later on today!

hawkhockey15: Was there anything the team could have improved on in last night's game?
P.J. Axelsson: Besides winning, crashing the net a little bit more.

ibshane97: how long have you played for?
P.J. Axelsson: Since I was 3 in Gothenbourg Sweden

Aurore_Boreal18: Who was your idol when you were a kid?
P.J. Axelsson: Wayne Gretzky. It was pretty cool playing against him.

Bigbadbruins: who was your favorite team
P.J. Axelsson: Edmonton cause of Gretzky.
Nightshift7x: what players do you enjoy playing against most?
P.J. Axelsson: Someone that talks a lot on the ice!

BruinsHaveHeart: Speaking of talking a lot on the ice, there seems to be a lot of back and forth jabbing going on, can we get a taste of what is actually being said?
P.J. Axelsson: There's nothing I could really type out for you all here! There are kids in here...

chanrocks93: What are the highlights of your career?
P.J. Axelsson: Winning Olympic gold in  2006, first NHL game, first goal are a few of them...

roddog2008: I know you have to get there first but how big of a boost would it be if the series went to a game 7 and Patrice was in the lineup?
P.J. Axelsson: Whenever Patrice returns it will be a huge boost.

Stock_42: who would be you Ultimate Linemates?
P.J. Axelsson: Gretzky and Cam... that'd be a pretty good line!

BB1924: Do you have any crazy superstitions or habits that you have to do before a game?
P.J. Axelsson: Nope, none.

lisa_37: Which rookie has impressed you the most this season?
P.J. Axelsson: Lucic, he has been a force out there for us.

BB1924: Who do you hang out with off the ice?
P.J. Axelsson: I hang out with just about all of the guys.

chanrocks93: What's it like to play in the playoffs?
P.J. Axelsson: A lot of fun, it is a lot more intense. Everything from the atmosphere to the game itself.

 slack: What's one thing the team needs to do most in order to win the next 3?
opjpoj has been warned by server
P.J. Axelsson: Push a little bit harder, start putting the puck in the net!

bostonbruins13: where is your favorite place to play?
P.J. Axelsson: Other than the Garden, I would say Philly. Usually, a very loud rink.

BRUINS11: what linemates did u enjoy playing with the most past or present?
slack: What did it feel like for you to win game 3? I know I went nuts!
P.J. Axelsson: That was a big game.. first home game in front of our own fans. You guys helped us win that, the crowd was awesome.

BB1924: What do miss most about Sweden?
P.J. Axelsson: Swedish food, we have nice sausage that you can't get over here.

JASMINE21: do u go to sweeten during ur off season
P.J. Axelsson: Yes, my whole family and I go back to visit my family and friends over there.

boo71450: Which arena has the worst locker rooms?
P.J. Axelsson: Pittsburgh... it's old and small.

Savvynumber1: If you could do anything else with your life besides play hockey, what would you do?
P.J. Axelsson: I love soccer, so I would like to play that. I used to be a mailman back in Sweden during the summers!

I_hate_Begin: What's it like being a key cog on the team as far as penalty kill and shutting down other teams top lines?  You still somehow manage to fly under the radar.  Keep up the solid work.
P.J. Axelsson: We try to slow them down, be in lanes, and take the seams away.  I take a lot of pride in the penalty kill.

Stock_42: what was it like playing with Mats Sundin the gold medal game?
P.J. Axelsson: It is always fun playing with talented hockey players.

27_91_06_41_37: What's your favorite thing to do in the off-season?
P.J. Axelsson: Going to horseraces actually.  

PQGOALIE: When you became a NHL player what was the first big purchase you made?  
P.J. Axelsson: I furnished my apartment downtown... kinda boring, I know!

piemaster7500: How'd you end up with #11?
P.J. Axelsson: My rookie year I wore #57 to begin with, and then I came to the rink one game day and found #11 hanging in my stall... and I've been #11 ever since!

tap458: what's the mindset of the team right now? optimistic?
P.J. Axelsson: We know we have to play hard and keep on fighting, leave it all out there.
Mikejo: Which NHL Rink has the best Ice Surface to play on?
P.J. Axelsson: Edmonton.

boo71450: Who, other than Z takes on leadership roles in the locker room? Is Claude a good motivator?
P.J. Axelsson: Most of the guys like Muzz, Sturmy, Savvy, Wardo... everyone has something good to say and contribute. Claude is a good motivator.

P.J. Axelsson: Thank you everyone for joining me... be sure to watch tomorrow night!!

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