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"Oh the horror"

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Today my family and I went to a place called Vidalia’s in Wellesley. It is a diner and it rocks! For me, it is sometimes nice to eat some grease (they have healthy options too) on a Saturday or Sunday. But believe me, I mean grease as a compliment. So for me it was special. My wife and older two kids loved it too. But what really made Vidalia’s special was the reaction of our 17 month old. Anyone who has eaten anywhere with a 17 month old knows that there is always the possibility for disaster. But we had another thing in our favor. We had a booth and didn’t get a high chair. To quote Marlon Brando, "Oh the horror."

At 1 p.m. Eastern Time, there was the real possibility that Vidalia’s was going to crumble. The place was going to come down. The place was jammed and the kids were hungry. And just for good measure there had been no nap. "Oh the horror." This was going to be a disaster. We were going to be banned from Wellesley center. It had the makings of good family fun.

We walked to the back of the room and sat at our booth. There were lots of other kids, so we had a fighting chance. But again, we had no high chair. I know some of you know what I’m talking about. It is tough to get a 17 month old not to move, but to sit still at a meal, never. But the impossible happened. We ordered instantly. Our food of choice for the toddler was grilled cheese and fries with chocolate milk. So then the wait was on. But he responded like he was having a power lunch at Abe & Louis. He sat there and colored like he had to meet the board. Like his job was at stake. But in an instant the meal arrived. 50/50 whether he’ll eat a bite. But again, he focused on the task at hand. Not only did he love the grilled cheese and fries, but also he decided that he needed some protein and went after his sister’s chicken fingers. Then he thought he needed some Mexican and went for his brother’s quesadilla. Both were a hit! He devoured everything. But the best part was that he didn’t move. He sat there like he was 25. He was happy and in turn so was everyone else in Vidalia’s. It could have been a mess, but it turned out to be great.

I would like to take credit and say that we are the best parents ever, but in reality, I need to send thank you cards to the waitress and whoever was in the kitchen. They made the day. So if you ever go there, take a look around at the parents and see how happy they are. It has nothing to do with a big raise. It has to do with knowing that the food is so good that the kids, even the young ones, will wait patiently and make them proud.

P.S. - I wonder why it’s called bluetooth and not whitetooth or even goldtooth. It just seems strange to have blueteeth unless you over bleach.
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