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Nice Shot Phil!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
In my mind I’m going to Carolina

The Bruins have an optional skate at noon today, before chartering south to face the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday.

Can’t tell you how exciting it was to be in the building and downstairs, in particular, when the game was won.

Usually I watch the third period on NESN from my desk, so I can get to the locker room ASAP.

But last night I wanted to be on ice level when whatever happened, happened -- nice choice, Bish, nice choice.

So, I was in the runway behind the Bruins bench as the shootout was taking place. I could not stand it, so I waited out in the hallway with Rob Simpson and crew, watching it all play out on a five-inch screen.

Then IT happened -- groans from the Lightning side of the hall, cheers from the Bruins side.

And when the Bruins won, all heck broke loose between the ice and the locker room. Camera people ran around, the team came off the bench sky high, and I dove into a corner so I would not have to be on TV and waited for the locker room to open.

"Came out a little flat today as opposed to up in Toronto," said Tim Thomas. "We had to build our own emotion. And you know, we hung right in there and got it done in the shootout.

"I’ve never went that far in a shootout, before…so, it feels good to come out with two points."

"We felt bad after we fell back, twice, in the game," said Zdeno Chara. "It’s going to happen that teams are going to get goals. But I think what I am proud of, what the whole team is really proud of is that we are not giving up."

"I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to do on that one," said Phil Kessel, the offensive hero of the evening. "It feels good to help our team win."

"It was a big shorthanded goal at the end of the second," said Glen Murray of P.J. Axelsson’s goal. "It was a big goal to tie it up.

Speaking of the night, the always-humble Murray was self-deprecating -- and instead of talking about his own goal, he talked about a tough play.

"We were lucky to tie it up…I made that mistake, my bad. I know better."

"We didn’t have a great game. But we’ll take wins anyway we can," he said.

Yes we will.

A new theory on how to keep Timmy hot
"We are going to keep feeding him lots of food to keep him nice and big in the net," said the always-entertaining Jason York. "Right now me and Savvy are going to take Timmy out and feed him…he’s huge in the net, that’s why they call him tank-top."

Dave’s take
"I didn’t watch Phil’s goal…I didn’t watch the last shot by [Tampa Bay’s] shooter, but it certainly was music to my ears when I heard the glass. So, I watched everybody else and I decided I had to change something up. Whether I had any influence at all, I don’t think I did…[I looked at] the back of Z’s helmet -- he had it on backwards though."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on changing the luck

"He was the reason why we were still in the game -- his saves. We were careless with the puck at times and he reacted. He’s reading plays really well and he’s moving really well and he made some top, top saves for us."
Lewis, on Tim Thomas

"I think we can play better…I think more about what’s important in order to win hockey games…the style of play is important to me. And the message you send to the players is important."
Lewis, on not feeling satisfied

"The thing that is important is that the guys fought back…you can’t win every night playing a certain way. No team has ever done that…you have to find different ways to do it. And tonight was one of those games where I don’t think we were crisp with the puck but we found a way to get it to overtime and win the hockey game."
Lewis, on improvising wins
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