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New England Hockey Night

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Drop the Puck!

"Hello," Bruins nation! Comment ca va Canadiens fans!

For those of you, wearing either jersey, who may have traveled to see tonight’s game, welcome to the greatest city on Earth: Boston, Massachusetts. We’re glad to have you.

The TD Banknorth Garden is sure to be rocking tonight as the Bruins host the Habs in the first of eight games this season. Both teams are coming off losses to the high-flying, NHL best Buffalo Sabres and are looking to grab important divisional points and get back on the winning track.

Are you guys as fired up as I am?

It has been too long without a game and now we have two in three days! Wooooo!

I’ve spent this morning compiling your best and worst Bruins versus Canadiens moments and I have to say how much I enjoyed this interactive exercise.

I will surely be doing it again very soon.

I have also changed the fan poll, so vote for the Bruins player who you think will have the biggest impact on tonight’s contest.

Morning skate is soon, so I will have all the latest info after lunch. Until then, enjoy your fellow fans’ work. To everyone who wrote in (and there were tons of e-mails), thank you! If you don’t see it here, it is simply because of space. I even had to edit down some of my favorites!

And, as always, "Go Bruins!"

Bruins Fans Remember the Greatest Rivalry
One of my favorite moments was the Playoffs of 1994, I believe. The Bruins had broke up the #1 line at the trade deadline in sending Joe Juneau to the caps for big Al Iafrate. I was a little disappointed, but Al changed all that against the Habs when they met in the playoffs. He was rocking everyone!!! Even Ray Bourque acknowledged that he hadn’t seen such impressive defensive work…the memory is so vivid and I wish that he played for us longer. And, any Cam Neely goal against Patrick Roy makes my list as well, especially when aiding in eliminating the Canadiens from the playoffs. Rob

As far as golden moments, there are so many. One of the GREATEST for me was in 89-90 season at the old Garden. Glen Wesley scored from the point during a power play in the 3rd against Roy to put the game away and win the first series in a VERY long time. I was at that game and it was a great spine-tingling moment! Allan

How about the game when the bruins were down 2-0 to Montreal, and came back with 3 goals in like 2 minutes, or something like that, to beat them...I think Glen Wesley got the game winner and it was a pretty nice goal. Also, Patrick Roy was in net, and it was always nice to get the best of him whenever we could. Mike

The first memory that came to my mind was in the 2004 Playoffs. Alexei Kovalev caught a stick in the hand, dropped his stick and gave away the puck. Murray then comes in on a breakaway and beats Theodore. At that time I think all Bruins fans assumed we would be going on to round 2 for the first time in a long time. Mike

Here’s my rivalry story. I’m pretty sure you’ve had this story repeated many times but it was during the ’04 playoffs which was during the season I started becoming a Bruins fan (yeah, I was a little late). Mike Knuble hit Mike Ribero and he went down. Myself, being a huge Knuble fan, was furious at Ribero for his act -- he was making a fuss. Then a minute later he’s looking over at Marty Lapointe, smiling and laughing. Obviously, Marty looked furious and so was I. My dislike for the Habs went way up. And with every game against them, fuel is added to the fire. I’ll be attending my first B’s/Habs game on Thursday and I am extremely excited! Caitie

Worst: 1979 loss to the Habs in the semi’s and the infamous too many men on the ice penalty that helped lead to the loss and the 1977 and 1978 finals series losses to the Canadiens.
Best: Its 1988 and I am 26 yrs old. The Bruins play the Canadiens in the playoffs and I pull out all the stops…I draw the spoked-B on my forehead, light a candle, and place it on the television. Then I do a very particular dance and chant "Sneidnac Laertnom" (Montreal Canadiens, backwards) in an effort to reverse the curse and the B’s go on to finally defeat the Habs in a playoff series. Other good ones: Cam Neely, frustrated with Claude Lemieux, challenges him, and Lemieux turtles. Jim

Worst moment - 1971 - Bruins leading in game two of playoffs 5-1, and eventually losing 8-5.
Best moment - 1970. Last game of season for Montreal with Montreal needing to score 5 goals to make the playoffs. Montreal lost 10-2 to Chicago. Bruins go on to win cup! Wayne

My favorite Bruins vs. Habs memory has to be L.B. (Lyndon Byers) feeding Steven Fletcher an uppercut sandwich while Jay Miller was tuning up John Kordic at the same time during the ’88 playoffs at the old Garden. Frank

Worst moment: 2003-2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Boston vs. Montreal. Bruins had led the series 3-1 before falling apart. It’s Game 7 and my son, his friend, and myself are sitting in the bedroom watching the game and as the end draws near, I can feel the anger seething inside. I’m trying to get away from the kids and downstairs before I explode as the clock ticks down to 0. As I get out the door, I hear a noise and look back to see both 10 year olds sitting on the bed in tears knowing we had lost. I’m old enough to remember the joy of the wins in the 70’s, and know I have created a new generation of Bruins fans and to me, loyalty was 8 years ago when I got the spoked-B tattooed to my chest. Alan

I think I cursed the B’s in their last playoff series with the Canadians before the lockout. They where up 3 games so I went to the game at the new Garden. I was called upon the ice for the intermission fan shootout and I lost. I’m sorry it’s all my fault. Normand

As much as I LOVED the playoff wins in ’88, I will never forget Game 7 in 1994. It was my birthday and what a way to celebrate - Game 7 vs. the Habs in the Old Garden with the Bruins winning. To this day, that win is the best birthday gift I have ever received. I remember the chaos on Causeway Street after that win and I can only imagine what it WILL be like some day when we win the BIG ONE again (I was 1 year old in ’72). I can still hear Bob Wilson’s call from the radio that was played on the news the following day: The Bruins go on...the Canadiens go HOME! That is my personal all-time favorite B’s/Habs memory. Patty
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