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Murray is Ready for 2007-08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Despite not playing for most of the final month of the 2006-07 season, and not having scored a goal since March 3rd, Glen Murray led the Boston Bruins with 28 goals on the campaign.

And as he prepared to bid his team and teammates goodbye for the offseason, the veteran NHLer and Boston Bruins forward mused about the past year and what he expects out of himself and the B’s next season.

"Obviously we’ve signed a few guys," said Murray of the team as presently constituted. "But we still need to add a few players."

Murray acknowledged that he and the other Bruins can’t worry about the roster.

"It’s up to management," he said. "It’s not the players’ decision, it’s the management. That’s their job."

The Boston Bruins know their task.

"As players we just have to come (back) here and play as hard as we can and maybe play beyond the expectations," said the alternate captain. "When players do that, you get into the playoffs.

"That’s what happens around the league -- guys having career years and playing better than the team (expected) them to play.

"And (those teams) are in the playoffs and making a run," he said.

What about possible free agents and additions to the roster? Surely the veteran knows of a couple of ringers who wouldn’t mind donning the Black & Gold.

"If they want to ask me or whatever, I’m sure that’s what happens with teams now," said Murray of his desire to aid the B’s management. He’d love to help.

"I think nowadays that’s kind of…like a recruiting job, now," he said. "You have to recruit players who want to come here and want to come to certain cities."

In many ways however, Boston recruits for itself.

"I think the important thing is that this is a great city," said Murray, no doubt remembering previous teams in the Hub of Hockey. "Obviously, if you win, it’s even a better city.

If you look at the other pro teams that have gone out and won, and that are doing well in the city, it’s all about winning.

"I’ve said it a hundred times, you win and everyone is happy and everyone wants to come here," he explained.

Murray acknowledged the flip side, too.

"If you don’t make the playoffs, (potential free agents) might say, ’They didn’t make the playoffs. They don’t have such a good team.’ I think winning cures everything. How we do that, I’m not sure but we have to start doing that," he said.

But winning is the answer.

"Plain and simple, we have to win games. We have to learn how to win games," said Murray. "We played a lot of games this year where we were winning going into the third period.

"And we have to get that swagger (back), where we know we can win every game.

"It’s all about winning -- any sport," said Glen.

A healthy Glen Murray will be a huge shot in the arm for Boston next season. But what is the prognosis on his ailing groin? Will it be a problem next season?

"No, not a all," said Glen. "It takes five weeks to fully heal and we’re right on five weeks today or tomorrow, actually.

"If we were in the playoffs I’d be ready to go."

If that’s the case, can some ’workouts’ on his beloved surfboard be far off.

"Not sure," said the now smiling winger. "After a few weeks, probably. I want to do some family things and (then) I will be out there."

How about the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Will Muzz watch the league’s best duke it out for the jug?

"Last year I watched," he said. "The playoffs last year were very exciting and fun to watch.

"And I am looking forward to watching them (again)."

And so is Bruins Nation -- next year, when Glen Murray leads the Black & Gold back into the tournament.
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