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More Line Changes for the Bruins

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins -- The B's wake up in Montreal this morning in an unfamiliar situation -- last place.

Marchand skates against the Canadiens
The Boston Bruins stand 3-6-0 with six points, which is good for 15th place in the Eastern Conference.

Friday, before the team left for Quebec, Head Coach Claude Julien was asked if  the club's current situation ranked in terms of the challenges he encountered during his career behind benchs.

"It’s a good question, because it is definitely a new challenge," said Julien. "I think for a lot of people it’s an area where you haven’t been and everybody will tell you the same thing.

"We’ve been warned; we’ve been told that it would be a challenge and it is. I guess right now it’s finding the solutions and there are a lot of teams in the past that took a long time to find it -- we don’t want that to happen.

"We’re trying to work on finding it as quick as we can."

As such, line changes were on the docket during Friday morning's practice.

Patrice Bergeron still centers Brad Marchand, but Tyler Seguin is on the right wing. David Krejci is back between Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton. With Benoit Pouliot out sick, Chris Kelly was in the middle of Jordan Caron and Rich Peverley and the Daniel Paille - Gregory Campbell - and Shawn Thornton remained a trio.

After the session, Julien was questioned about his new lines, but wasn't in the mood to explore the changes.

"What would you expect me to do? It’s a simple answer. It’s a coach that’s trying to find solutions," he said. "It’s as simple as that.

"Look at it whichever way you want," he added. "I’m just making some line changes.

"Some of it is, 'Hey, we’ll bring guys back together.' Will it help? Who knows. And if it doesn’t, I’m telling you right now you’re going to see changes again."

Changes might come from outside the Bruins locker room, as well. And Coach Julien was asked about the trade rumors and the motivation those whispers might provide the Black & Gold.

"I’m always going to support my general manager. We talk a lot and whether it happens or whether it doesn’t happen, those decisions are made as a group and certainly never second guessed because once a decision is made, we’re all on board," said Julien. "Those are all questions that I think will be answered by our play.

"I think it’s just one of those things that when you see your team react is whether it has an impact or not. I can’t answer that for you. Time will tell."

In the meantime, Julien expects his team to circle the wagons.

"Well I don’t know that it’s ever been any other way," said Julien. "I think our group has always been very supportive of each other and that’s what got us through last year and how we stuck together through thick in thin

"I don’t think that has changed at all this year. What you’re seeing is just a follow-up of what’s been here in the past."

However, Julien wants to see more than mutal support from his Bruins.

"I think we’re looking for one area. I said [Thursday], it’s really a lot of areas and all of that is about focus--all of that is about execution," said Julien. "So we can say and we can stand here and try and talk about it until we’re blue in the face; it’s really about focusing on playing 60 minutes and being consistent in our game and right now we’re not.

"One period we’re there and next period we’re totally away from everything that gave us success in the other period. 

"Like I said, you’re talking to the wrong guy about excuses because there are none. We’re not going to sit here and pretend that we have reasons and excuses because we don’t. I don’t want us to be that way. I want us to take responsibility for what’s happening. I want us to accept the criticism that is rightfully coming our way. When you admit and realize, that’s when you get better."
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