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Meet the new guy

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
I agree with media reports that said that the Boston Bruins locker room was a little more relaxed yesterday -- and that was probably because new defenseman Andrew Ference (now #21 in your program) contributed to a real sense of relief in the room.

Simply put: He fit right in.

"Ference is a good player," said Shean Donovan. "You’ll see. He has a good first pass and he works real hard.

"I think he’s the type of player who can play with anybody and he plays hard, too. He’s a hard nosed guy who keeps it simple.

"So, there won’t be much adjustment for him, I don’t think," he said.

Boston’s Andrew Alberts, who is a possible D-partner for the new Bruin, felt that Ference, and eventually, Kobasew, will fit right in to the B’s system.

"A lot of systems are similar," said Alberts. "I’m sure they will show them some tape and go over some X’s and O’s on the board. He’ll figure it out quick.

"It’s not that bad," he said.

Beyond simply being able to fit in on the ice, he certainly seemed at home in his new locker room.

"It definitely softens the blow by coming to a city so rich in sports history," said Ference, a native Albertan. "This is a team that is scratching and clawing its way back up to have some respect in this city.

"You are going to get hard work (out of me). I’m evening out Big Z’s size differential, bringing the average down a bit.

"But (I do bring his) work ethic," he said.

Ference understands what it means to be a Bruin.

"Being in Calgary, you really developed as a player," said Ference. "It was hard work every night. No nights off. And you have to be hard nosed -- and do everything for the team.

"That’s where success comes from. That’s why (the Flames) have had success in the past few years there.

"And that’s what I’m going to continue to bring here," he said.

The bottom line, at least from the team’s standpoint, is that they got some quality players back.

"We got two really good players," said Donovan. "They have good experience and they’ve been part of a really good team.

"They have playoff experience, so that is going to be awesome for the end run here."
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