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Lucic, Coach Talk Loss to Habs

by Caryn Switaj / Boston Bruins

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WILMINGTON, MA - While a number of B's hit the ice for an optional skate at Ristuccia Arena Monday, Coach addressed the media, and was asked about his comments following last night's 4-3 loss to the Montreal Canadiens.

"I didn’t question their character. Because they play hard, they’re a good team," Coach said of the Canadiens. "The only thing I talked about was the embellishment. It wasn’t just directed at them, it was directed at what we’re trying to clean up in the league."

"I have a strong opinion on certain things, and I stick by it. We’re a professional league here. Basketball’s been through it and they’ve kind of cleaned that up, and I’m hoping we’re going to do the same thing with hockey."

"I’m not going to say one of our players will never embellish because that would be hypocritical, but I’m going to tell you right now that after it’s done he would hear from me that I don’t want embellishment on our hockey club. I know for a fact that a lot of coaches have talked about it, and we don’t like it. It’s important that we help the game progress by doing the right things."

"Our organization doesn’t want embellishment from our hockey club. If we keep the guys accountable with that, if they do it and we keep them accountable, then we’re helping clean up the game. I think everyone has to take that approach.

Support for Seguin

During the second period of Sunday night's loss, the much-talked about hit on Tyler Seguin by Montreal's Alexei Emelin sparked a reaction from Captain Zdeno Chara, who was lauded by his teammates for sticking up for No. 19, who was certainly one of the best players of the night.

"What Zdeno Chara did yesterday, I support 100 percent, because besides that 17 minutes in penalty he got, what he did is going to go a long ways for our hockey club, especially for Tyler Seguin," Coach told media.

"Tyler’s a good player and he needs to know that everybody’s got his back and Zdeno showed that yesterday, and that will allow Tyler to become a better player. When you know people have your back, you can play at ease. [What] Zdeno did yesterday is certainly going to help Tyler be comfortable."

It's no secret that the "family" of B's have a close bond, and have been able to draw on that experience through peaks and lulls within match-ups, and from game to game.

"We’re a team, we win together, we lose together," added Coach. "We’ve taken that approach that we’re going to stick up for each other. Zdeno was on for the first two goals against, so just because Zdeno was in the box wasn’t the reason we lost the game."

"We are a good enough team that we can certainly win a hockey game with Zdeno in the box for 17 minutes. It was more about our puck management in our end that cost us those mistakes. And it wasn’t just from one guy, it was from many guys."

Milan Lucic, one of the B's toughest and burliest forwards, also commented on his teammates' ability to back each other up.

"It’s definitely great when your leader, your captain is willing to stick up for his teammates," Lucic said following Monday's brief skate in Wilmington. "He prides himself on that. It’s definitely a positive when you have a guy, your captain, that’s willing to step up and do something like that."

"Obviously, when a player cross-checks one of your best players and breaks his stick over him, it’s good to see that someone is willing to respond like that and defend our teammates and I think that’s what make this group a special group."

"It’s a part of our identity that we’re willing to stick up for one another and willing to stick up for ourselves," he added. "It was just one of those Montreal-Boston games where the emotions come out. Something like that happens at least once a year."

"We're just a team that’s team tough, takes a lot of pride for sticking up for one another."

Black & Gold Physicality

When asked about the amount of penalties assessed to the B's this season, Coach Julien responded by saying, "it’s a little frustrating, you’re at the bottom of the league every year with the number of power plays."

"We have a reputation and we have to live with it. We’re a big team, we’re a physical team and sometimes it plays in your favor and sometimes it plays against you."

"I’ve said it 100 times, refs just go by what they feel is a penalty," added Lucic. "You can’t really control the calls that they make, you just got to live with them. For myself, I’m just trying to play my game. Whether there’s no clarity on calls, it really doesn’t matter for me, I’m just going to go out there and play the same way and hopefully the right calls are made."

"Obviously, the referees have a lot of pressure on them to begin with, you have to have respect for what they do, as well. It definitely is one of the hardest jobs out there."

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