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Love that Dirty, Frozen Water…

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Sunday, sitting on the couch

Corn chips, check. Peach salsa, check. Easy chair, check. TV, check.

No hockey, this afternoon though, so we’ll have to make do with football until the Avalanche and Canucks go at it tonight.

Go Pats, by the way.

Don’t you think Rodney Harrison would make a heck of a hockey player?

Or how about Tedy Bruschi?

Speaking of hockey, how about those Bruins? Bet you watched the game last night.

Nice bounce back, boys.

And here’s a sincere thanks to the team, who played solidly enough so that the coaching staff gave the team the day off, and by extension, yours truly -- well, I’m writing today, so I’m not actually "off".

But I didn’t have to drive up to Ristuccia this morning, so "Thanks, Coach Lewis."

The extra sleep was appreciated.

Although the General forced me to go shopping with her…but I digress.

So, from what I saw and heard, the coaches and the players seemed to believe that the first game was a severe aberration, and that the Boston club that played last night was the true Bruins team that we can expect to see on most evenings.

I am willing to take their explanation at face value, since I have seen evidence to the above in most of the practices I have attended.

A quick perusal of the New England sports pages indicated that many of my fellow writers fell into that frame of mind, too.

And I am pretty sure most of you guys are willing to give Our Boys the benefit of the doubt, as well.

There’s no doubt, however, that some trepidation lingers in some of you from the season opener.

But it seemed to this reporter that the Bruins who showed up last night are the same guys I have been watching every day for the last several weeks.

Those guys play solid two-way hockey for as long as it takes.

Those guys dig deep, bringing their skills to Bear (pun intended), and fight with pride for the spoked "B" on their chest.

Those guys "care."

Last night the Bruins played sound defense, kept to their systems and had a little luck.

The goaltending was solid, the offensive chances were consistent, and all four lines rolled smoothly.

In short, they played the way the coaching staff has asked and coached them to play, and played the way they can play.

As far as kudos go, I was pretty impressed with the play of the fourth line.

Yan Stastny, Mark Mowers and Jeff Hoggan more than held their own out there and made me feel as if our gameday lineup is pretty solid through and through.

Patrice Bergeron was his spectacular self, Brad Boyes played great, and Wayne Primeau is a welcome surprise thus far.

And yah, Phil Kessel is getting pretty exciting to watch.

But, as far as the dominant personality last night, it was the Captain, Zdeno Chara, who set the tone with two assists, some big hits and some fine play. Chara was omnipresent, played 33 minutes, and was solid on both sides of the puck.

In short: He did what he always does; give 100%, lead with words and by example, and that is Bruins hockey at its most pure and simple.

Bish’s Blog Bruin Beast of the Week…
Yan Stastny, we tip the striped toque to you today.

Your play last night was top notch, but sticking up for yourself on Friday night made the evening a little bit more palatable.

I am not the biggest fan of hockey fights, but I am sure that the message you were sending ("Don’t tread on me…") made a difference to your teammates and coaches.

It made a difference to me and many Bruins fans.

And as far as an Old School Bruin moment from the last two games, that was it.

Nice job, strong work last night, and that’s just a well earned shiner, my friend.

Looking ahead: Practice, Practice, Atlanta
It looks as if the Bruins are getting used to their newfound team speed just in time to grapple with the speedy Atlanta Thrashers, Marc Savard’s old club.

Atlanta, who are 1-0-1, took apart the Florida Panthers last night, the same team that gave Boston so much trouble on Friday.

Marian Hossa had two goals and goalies Kari Lehtonen saved 22 to earn a shutout.

I am sure Coach Lewis and the boys will be working on containing the Thrashers Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk and sneaking goals past Lehtonen.

I have a sneaking suspicion that one of Our Boys is going to have a break out game in ATL.

So stay tuned.

Some words from the B’s
"The thing that really impressed the coaches was that guys responded. They did the things you have to do to win hockey games. It’s just one game, but it’s good to see that. It’s a good feeling to come out of a building in a home opener against a really good team and win a close hockey game. I like close hockey games."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on bouncing back

"It’s huge for us. Last night we didn’t play with confidence. Tonight was a different story. This is the way we have to play every game -- strong defensively, great goaltending, and when we have opportunities to score, we score."
Defenseman, Paul Mara, on the second game

"After last night we needed a game like this to kind of test us. And it would have been tough to have lost this game -- mentally more than anything. The fact that we were able to stand the test and come out with the win was a good sign for us."
Defenseman, Brad Stuart, post game

"It was great…we came out hard and we came out strong. It was a tough game [on Friday] but I think we rebounded very well. I think Tampa Bay has a really good team and they play well at home…especially in their opener…It is good to come out in victory."
Forward, Brad Boyes, on Saturday’s win

"I got a couple of stops in the first five minutes. I started feeling pretty comfortable out there…but I’ve got to give a lot of credit to the guys in front. I felt that they did a tremendous job blocking shots, making my life a lot easier out there. And I think the guys played a full 60 minutes…really solid. It’s a huge team win and we’ve just got to start building on that. We’ve got to still improve in some of the areas of the game and do the little things better and better so we can be more effective. But that’s a great get that third goal in the third and after that dominate the rest of the game and not give them anything out there. I think it was a really solid effort from the whole team and a good way to bounce back from yesterday’s disappointment."
Goalie, Hannu Toivonen, on his first win
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