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"Little" things count "Big" for Boston

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

I wanted to add one more thing from my locker room experiences from yesterday.

Boston Bruins Head Coach Dave Lewis was asked about any "little" moments that might have characterized training camp, and in turn, have become big moments in terms of the team’s development.

I thought that Bruins fans would be very interested in his answers…

"[Chara blocking the shot in Montreal] showed everybody, player or non-player, that this guy, coming into this environment, this city, a star player, would sacrifice his body…on an exhibition game…but at that moment, this is how much the guy wanted his team to win. He didn’t have a stick, against one of the harder shooters in the league in Souray, a 5-on-3, and he…could have broke his foot and been out six weeks. But he didn’t think that way [instead, he showed] this is what you do if you want to win. That sent a great message to everybody…the rest of the team [noticed that]. Shean Donovan did the same thing in the third period. Players talked about it. They saw it. They saw him limping around and they heard that he wanted to come back to support his team in the second and third period…that type of desire is contagious."

"Here’s another example of [Chara’s] leadership. The coaches will blow the whistle and you do one lap…and when he was out there one day, he did one lap and he stopped and said, Boys, the one lap is behind the net, not in front of the net.  So everybody went behind the net. Before they were going in front of the net…little thing, you know…I just think he is like that. Leadership is something that players never talk about. You don’t come in and say I’m going to be the leader.’ That’s just the way he is. You talk about his training. He doesn’t take any shortcuts. In his mind, cutting in front of the net is a shortcut. So, I’m sure, in the room, when it gets down to it, he doesn’t want anyone taking any shortcuts. Neither do we.

Ok, off to practice.
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