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Kristi Yamaoka

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Well a few days ago I posted how great I thought Kristi Yamaoka was. It’s very disappointing that I messed up and it never made it on the site.

Basically, I compared Kristi to that clown in Minnesota who had to get carried out on a stretcher after getting hit by a basketball thrown by Kevin Garnett. It was just amazing to me that Kristi could continue on with her cheer and the NBA fan had to humiliate his daughter by getting carted off on a stretcher. I am sure everyone knows how teenagers feel about their parents, so I’m sure this did nothing but reinforce that warm and fuzzy feeling. I know teenage girls especially love spending time with their parents. Again, she probably loved the T.V. time that her Dad was able to get for her. Maybe he was trying to be nice, but my thought was that he was a lawyer and was thinking about his daughter’s college education.

There is nothing like a free ride. Good for him. Maybe he is a financial planner. Maybe this is his 401k. If only everyone knew that Powerball was so easy. He picked the winning number, Garnett’s Jersey how simple. Now that really is love!
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