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Keep it rolling!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
After practice yesterday, newcomer Joey MacDonald said that the Bruins played an amazing game in front of him on Sunday night.

"I thought we played unbelievably, defensively, and offensively, too," said MacDonald. "Our forwards were coming back helping the (defense) and the D were (always) there. When I made a save and (I left) a rebound right there, the (defense) were there to clean it out -- and that makes my job a lot easier when you have D like that."

Veteran defenseman, Jason York, also took the ice against New Jersey, and agreed with MacDonald about the importance of the game and the weekend.

"It was huge," he said. "These (last) two games, especially with Carolina losing (because Sunday) was a four point game for us. So it was great. Now we are in striking distance and we still have (three) games in hand and we are right in the mix. If we can keep this good play up, then playoffs are a good possibility."

Brandon Bochenski, talking about his own year, seemed also to be talking about the Bruins, as well, as he explained his recent success and his motivations.

"I am not out here to try and prove people wrong," he said. "I would rather prove people right -- the people who believe in me. I am not going to sit here and live in the past. It’s fun to come in here and prove people, right."

And the new forward says he feels like an integral part of the team.

"With this team, I feel like I have been here for a year, now. It’s great (how) the whole team has just come together with the new guys, very well. It’s been an easy transition for me," said Bochenski.

MacDonald has had a similar experience.

"When I came here I fit right in," said MacDonald. "I feel really comfortable and we have a lot of young guys on the team and a good mix of older guys, too. Ever since day one, I have felt really good.

"It’s a great atmosphere in here and I think that if we keep playing the way we have the last couple of games, we are going to pick up a lot of wins here," said Joey.

More from morning skate, really soon.
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