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Julien Knows Where the B's Will Find Goals

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON, MA -- Boston Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien fully admits that his line changes, highlighted by Brad Marchand's move back to a spot "Merlot" line, Tyler Seguin joining Chris Kelly and Daniel Paille taking a spot next to center Patrice Bergeron, were designed to spark the offensive part of the Bruins game.

"That’s a part of trying to find solutions and it’s as simple as that," said Julien of his club's new look. "You’ve got to mix up guys who are not getting the results that we’d like to."

However, Julien said that the spark was intended to ignite whole lines - not just individuals.

"There’s no real thought about one particular guy," explained the B's head coach. "It’s more about, again, moving guys around and trying to give lines a spark more than the individual himself.

"I think we –- right now –- are not getting the production that we’d like to, but having said that, we’re doing a good job, we’re not playing a bad game. We’re breaking out of our own end, no problem. We’re going through the neutral zone, no problem. We’re getting pucks in deep, no problem.

"At the end of the day it’s just trying to resolve the situation of [not] capitalizing on our chances."

As such, Julien again praised the Capitals for their solid defense and opportunistic offense.

"They [Capitals] do a good job of playing, sitting back and playing hard and capitalizing on their opportunities," said Julien. "For us, it’s just a matter of finding that."

Throughout the series, the Bruins have acknowledged the good work of Caps goalie Braden Holtby.

But don't bank on Holtby being the genesis of the B's retooling their trios. Sure, some frustration has set in, but the source of that frustration can be found in the mirror, not in the Washington crease.

"It’s not them frustrating us more than it’s us frustrating ourselves for not being able to a good job," said Julien. "So, we’re working on it, we’re a confident group.

"I mean, we’ve been through challenges, adversity before and we’re ready to face this one as well."

And although he agreed that the B's best forwards haven't been at their best –- at least offensively –- Julien said that the entire club can do more in the opponents zone.

"We’re not pointing fingers at one guy here," he said. "I think as a team we’ve got to be better and there’s a lot of guys that can be better.

"When your top scorers aren’t scoring there’s no doubt that, I guess, the attention goes their way. We certainly want those guys to produce but that’s what has to happen – we’ve got to be able to elevate our game.

"Some of those guys have to find their game and they’re all aware of that."

That said, Julien knows the B's will find their game around the Washington net.

"I think it goes hand-in-hand," said Julien. "If you look at Game 3, you look at Dan Paille’s goal – where was he? Right in front of the net. You look at [Brian] Rolston’s goal, there were two, three of us Bruins battling in front of the net and just battling away and that’s how we scored our goals.

"If you do that consistently now you’re creating battles and you obviously have an opportunity to create yourself a power play.

"It’s going back to what I said," added Julien. "There’s one area where we need to improve [on]...and that’s the dirty area, scoring area - a place that we’re not going too often enough."
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