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Julien is Ready for 2008-09

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Wilmington, MA -- Following the announcement that the Bruins had trimmed four players from their roster, Boston head coach Claude Julien addressed the media and expressed regret about the decisions that the club had to make on Tuesday.

“That’s part of the job,” he said. “That’s part of our job descriptions to make those tough decisions.

“But again, this is somebody’s livelihood, and they’re not easy decisions to make.”

Now down to 23 men, Julien wished that number were higher.

“I would have liked to have kept some of the other guys as well, because, no matter what, they were deserving of being here,” said Julien. “At the same time, on the selfish end of it, the guys that have to clear waivers, you hope that they clear them, because that means they give you depth and you can see those guys back in your lineup.

“If they get picked up, you’ve just lost probably a player that you would’ve loved to keep in your organization.

“We all saw what happened last year, there were some injuries that required some players to come up and stay up for the rest of the year (and) those are the guys that would probably be the candidates to do that,” he said.

But the Bruins head coach, who is beginning his second year with the club, said that he is very confident in his roster.

“Absolutely, we don’t have anybody staying here that we don’t think should be here,” he said. “There were none of those decisions made.

“The guys that are here are the guys that we wanted here…I’m very comfortable with the 23-man roster right now.”

Julien pointed to the preseason and the Bruins last exhibition contest as a sign that the club is coming together.

“I think we looked more like the team we’re trying to be, especially in that last game,” said the coach. “We (were) closer to the team that we’re going to start with, so it certainly clarified a lot of things.

“But we still want to be stingy defensively and I think that’s an area we can certainly improve on at the start.

“Offensively, we’ve scored more than we did last year at this stage so hopefully that’s going to be an added addition to our team.”

Julien restated the Bruins prime directive of last year.

“We still have to be a hard team to play against,” he said. “We’ve got to continue that part of our game.”

Then Coach Julien turned the page.

“I’m not big on going out there and making those big declarations, or comments, but I think we can go as far as we believe we can go,” he said. “We’ve got a good team here that I know (can) compete against any team in the NHL.

“There’s no doubt about that.

“But again, we can make comments now, and things can happen that happened (like they did) last year and it can change the whole dynamic (but) if we can stay healthy, I think we’ll make a pretty good run.”

That run begins tomorrow, in Colorado.
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