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Joe Colborne Chat Transcript - 6.25.08

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Joe Colborne
bruinsgirl94: What excites you the most as a new Bruins player?
Joe Colborne: I think the fact that the Bruins are in a phase right now where they are headed in the right direction. There's a lot of excitement and positive steps that the organization is taking. It's great to be a part of.

bruinsfan321: Were you surprised to be selected by the Bruins?
Joe Colborne: No, it was just a huge honor to be drafted to an Original Six team. I was excited when it happened; I think I went in to a little bit of shock, really! I had a few good interviews with the team before the draft and had a good feeling about the whole situation going into it.

postringer: Are there any current Bruins that you are excited to meet or play with?
Joe Colborne: Yeah definitely. Zdeno Chara obviously, Savard, Kessel, pretty much everyone on the team I'd love to meet and hopefully be playing with them in a few years.

JaredFromNH: What’s up Joe, welcome to the B's. What kind of playing style does your game bring?
Joe Colborne: I'd say I'm a skilled forward who is a balanced scorer and passer. I like to control the puck as much as possible all over the ice.

bruinsfreak03: hey Joe...glad to see your apart of the B's...what are your expectations for this year?
Joe Colborne: I'm looking forward to the Development Camp coming up in July. From there, I'm looking forward to going to the University of Denver and working on my game there, where I can improve and get stronger and hopefully help me make a bigger impact on the Bruins in the future.

Sturminated: What made you choose Denver University? Was it the hockey program or the school itself?
Joe Colborne: Definitely the hockey program. Their coaching is definitely among the best in the nation and their winning tradition is very good as well. Their strength and conditioning program was very appealing and that is one area that I plan on working on.

colbornefan94: how does it feel to be compared to Joe Thornton?
Joe Colborne: It's a huge honor for me.  He is a role model for me. A player I try to model my game after. But I feel that I definitely am a long ways away from matching his level of play and accomplishments.

harvhockey4life: Hey Joe, first of all, congrats! Have you had a chance to meet any of the guys on the team yet?
Joe Colborne: I met the team staff at the draft and I have talked to a few of the other draft picks this year, but I haven't met any of the returning players yet. I'm excited to meet the guys that will be at Development Camp.

therabidrinkrat: What made you decide to come to play at an NCAA school?
Joe Colborne: For me, the biggest area of improvement I see in my game is getting stronger, putting weight on and getting faster. I think the NCAA schedule will best accommodate that and help accelerate my path to the NHL.

kaboom: Have you spent much time in the city of Boston and, if so, what are your opinions?
Joe Colborne: I have been to Boston twice now. I came down to tour Boston College and Boston University. I loved the city, you can see the energy that the people there have towards their sports teams and that was great to see.

Harry: Hey Joe, Why Denver over a New England school?
Joe Colborne: For me, it was just a better personal fit. They were all very good schools that I looked at and I just felt that my best option was at Denver.

playmaker23: How long do you think it will be before you play in the NHL?
Joe Colborne: Obviously it is my dream to play in the NHL but we have to look at where my development is.  We'll make that decision with the Bruins when the time comes, but hopefully sooner than later. It's hard to put a timetable on it right now.

LetsGoJoe20: Which current Bruins' players would you like to be on your line when you make it to the big club?
Joe Colborne: Playing with Savard would be pretty special, he is one of the best passers in the NHL right now and one of the top players... To be honest, it would be great to play with any of the guys as long as I have a Bruins jersey on playing in the NHL.

therabidrinkrat: Do you think that it will be a big adjustment for you going from juniors to play in the NCAA with Denver?
Joe Colborne: I think the biggest thing will be the speed of the game and the strength of the players. I will be playing against some guys who are 24, 25 years old and I'm still 18 so it will be a good learning experience in that regard. That will help prepare me to play in the pros where I will also be up against guys that are older than me.

kaboom: Do you feel you could adapt well to playing the wing or do you prefer center?
Joe Colborne: I see myself as a centerman but I played wing for my first full year in Juniors and my entire season of Midget AAA. So, I am comfortable at both.

bruinsfreak03: when did people start telling you that you were good enough to get drafted?
Joe Colborne: I would say as a 16 year old, my junior coach sat down with me and told me if I really kept believing in myself I had the chance to be a special player and achieve my dreams of playing in the NHL. But I have been working towards being a NHL player my whole life.

duran89: Are you paying any attention to free agency?
Joe Colborne: Yeah I enjoy keeping up to date on all the latest action in the NHL.

grits207: Other than being drafted, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment so far in hockey?
Joe Colborne: Winning the AJHL championships in both years of Junior that I played.

Stumplicious: What was the process at the draft? You get drafted, go up on stage with the management team, and then what happens?
Joe Colborne: We are taken to a media room where we answer questions for all different types of media. After that, we got our pictures taken with Upper Deck and then met up with our families and got more pictures taken. Then my family and I went to the Bruins suite and met the management team and just hung out.  There I got to relax and tried to soak everything in. It was an unforgettable experience.

playmaker23: If you could have anyone on your line that plays in the NHL who would they be?
Joe Colborne: Probably Crosby and Ovechkin, really no surprise there!  You won't find two better players other than them.

Gee-Z: if Lucic challenged you in camp for a fight would you accept or deny him?
Joe Colborne: Haha, well it depends on what the situation was...But I wouldn't be afraid to drop the gloves with him... although I don't know how good my face would feel after.

BlacknGoldPride: What was your favourite team growing up and are you happy to be a part of Boston?
Joe Colborne: The Flames were my hometown team growing up and I couldn't be happier being drafted by the Bruins.

top_shelf: What other sports to you enjoy playing? Watching?
Joe Colborne: I enjoy playing quite a few sports; probably golf is my favorite to play. I'm just an overall sports fan; I watch pretty much everything.

bruinsfan81: What do you think of the other people the Bruins drafted?
Joe Colborne: I've heard a lot of positive things about the other guys and I look forward to meeting them in July.

blackngold: Joe, welcome to Boston! Are you a physical player? Will you be willing to drop the gloves a couple times a season?
Joe Colborne: If the situation arises when fighting is needed, I have no problem dropping the gloves. I had 4 fights in my junior career and three this past year.

bruinsfan81: Did u win the fights?
Joe Colborne: I'd say I won a few of them, didn't really lose any too badly... it helps to have a long reach!

orrthebest: How much are you looking forward to the development camp this summer?
Joe Colborne: I'm really looking forward to it. It's the first step for me in showing what I can do for the Bruins. I have heard that it is a great experience.

playmaker23: Favorite Song? Band?
Joe Colborne: Favorite band recently would be State of Shock. Favorite song, anything by Garth Brooks.

bob_o: Congrats Joe on becoming a Bruin, Bruins fans are probably some of the most supporting in the league! Will this help you as a player?
Joe Colborne: When you have strong fan base, it makes it a lot easier for you and a lot tougher on the other team. I've heard that the fans in Boston are unbelievable.

John_Doe: Hey Joe, welcome to Boston, not sure if it has been asked yet, but what are your thoughts on possibly representing team Canada at the WJC?
Joe Colborne: That would be a huge dream come true. But we are still waiting to see if I've made the World Junior tryout camp.

bruins37: Apologies if this has been asked earlier, but do you consider yourself more of a shooter or playmaker?  Chiarelli praised your shot at the draft, but fans have heard more playmaker.
Joe Colborne: I like to think of myself as a balanced player who enjoys setting up teammates and scoring myself. I guess you could say I'm both.

therabidrinkrat: What was the atmosphere like at the draft? Were you concerned about where you would be picked?
Joe Colborne: I couldn't be happier that I came to a great organization like the Bruins.

Stumplicious: You like soccer? Who are you cheering for in the Euro Cup???
Joe Colborne: I like watching Portugal because of Ronaldo.

hubofhockey: did any of your teammates get drafted also?
Joe Colborne: Andrew MacWilliam who is a defenseman got drafted by Toronto in the 7th round.

bob_o: hi again Joe, just wondering if you have that internal instinct to dislike a certain team say like.....MONTREAL?  :)
Joe Colborne: Ha ha. It's pretty easy to dislike a team when all your fans do.

bluelinemenace: I read that you played PP and PK this past year.  Does playing one end of the rink come easier to you than the other?
Joe Colborne: I've always been an offensive player but over the past few years I have taken huge strides in my defensive game and feel confident on both ends of the rink.

rutlandpt: What current or former NHLer do you model your style of play after?  You've been compared to Big Joe.  Big shoes to fill.
Joe Colborne: I definitely try to model my game after guys like Joe Thornton and Vinny Lecavalier. Its an honor to be compared to Joe but I know I still have a long way to go to match his accomplishments and what he's done in his career.

Joe_Bruin: Hey Joe, what are your goals for the upcoming 2008-09 season?
Joe Colborne: To win a national championship for the University of Denver. To get bigger, faster and stronger physically. To set myself up to get a good opportunity to hopefully be playing for the Bruins next year.

harvhockey4life: What do you like to do to pump yourself up for games?
Joe Colborne: Just try and do a lot of visualization and listen to some music and get excited for the chance to go out and play hockey.

DavidB: Hey Joe, you've got good size, do you plan on using that in the future with the bruins to mix it up like Bruins rookie Milan Lucic at all when you get a chance to play with the B's
Joe Colborne: For sure... it is something that I've grown in to in the past few years and I think the more comfortable I get with my size the more I can make good use of it. It's definitely an advantage being 6’5”.

Ryan: After reading you HAVE visited Boston, what are your first impressions of the city?
Joe Colborne: Very energetic, it's easy to see that sports are a huge part of the culture there. It seemed really nice, definitely looking forward to spending more time there.

BlacknGoldPride: Do you think that your style of play will fit well with the rough and tough bruins?
Joe Colborne: I think when I do make the step in to the pro game I will be able to help out the team in a lot of different ways and I think my style will be a great fit.

Joe Colborne: Thanks for the questions guys, I'm really excited to get down there and start working my way up. See ya later on.
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