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Jack Johnson

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
For those of you who don’t know who he is, this is my response--he is the man. I am not talking about the boxer. I am talking about the man who is the man.

When guys are kids they want to be 1.) a rock star, 2.) a pro-athlete, or 3.) an actor/model. Well Jack is all three. Guys want to be famous. Guys want to get the girl. Being one of these three will give a guy a good chance at being famous and getting the girl.

Well Jack is all three, but it gets better. He is a rock star, but he isn’t a cliché. He plays guitar and sings. His songs are cool and everyone that hears them, loves them. Guys, girls, grandmas, little brothers, big sisters--everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are in a good mood or bad mood--they’re good.

Then we have the pro-athlete part. Jack Johnson isn’t just any athlete. He surfs. A pro-surfer and rock star all in one. Surfing, could there be a cooler sport? In the sun, at the best beaches, with everyone watching, it doesn’t matter what type of athlete you are because every kind of athlete wants to surf. But he is a pro. One of the best. Rock star/surfer--come on--can anything be better?

But wait, he’s also a model. Translation--he is hot. He is good looking. He has style. Again, girls, sisters, and grandmas are going to love him. So let’s get this straight. Jack Johnson is a rock star/surfer/model, who does some acting on the side. And again, he is supposed to be a great guy. The lottery should give out his life as the prize!
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