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It's Good to be Brad

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
WASHINGTON, DC -- It's good to be Brad Marchand.

Never mind the 16-17-33 stats and cult hero status in Boston and Nova Scotia, when the leader of the free world calls you a "little ball of hate" and speaks about your impressive statistics during the Stanley Cup Final -- well, let's just say things are going okay.

"It was pretty funny, it caught me off guard," said Marchand of the moniker. "I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but the boys are definitely having fun with it now."

That's no shock. Marchand has been having fun since he joined the B's on a permanent basis last season.

But going into the B's latest "most important game of the year" the left wing took a moment to look back on his B's career and think about what he has seen since he was drafted by the Black & Gold in 2006.

Asked if he would have ever imagined having the President of the United States mention his name in a speech, Brad answered, "No not at all.

"It was tough enough to just make the team and get a couple of games, but everything really happened quickly and I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of this team and this organization," he said. "We’ve accomplished a lot and it’s lasted a while and it’s a great feeling."

Marchand also said that the B's had a spectacular visit to the White House.

"Obviously, it was great to meet the President and have him talk about our team and what we accomplished last year, but I thought it was pretty cool just going around the White House and seeing the history that goes along with it and seeing different pictures and artifacts," said Marchand.

During Obama's speech, the President seemed to pick up on the camaraderie in the B's locker room and Marchand said that closeness has been a key to the Bruins success.

"We have a very close team and everybody on our team is a great person and great individuals," he said. "I think that’s why we accomplished so much last year, we have such a great group of guys and we are like a family, we stick up for each other, we’re hard on each other and we expect a lot of each other.

"That’s why we were definitely able to accomplish what we did."

That's also why his B's teammates will make sure to give Marchand a little "chirping" for his mention in the President's address.

"I think [Shawn Thornton] keeps telling me it’s my day but I’m sure ill get a lot more after this," said Marchand, who said he will enjoy the nickname.

"I guess when the President gives you one you got to stick with it," he added.
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