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I’m late. I’m late.

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Sorry for the late blog.

Late or early, blog or no, it was an outstanding afternoon of hockey practice at Ristuccia.

Everyone skated, with both Wayne Primeau and Jason York participating in practice and with Phil Kessel and Zdeno Chara arriving approximately halfway through the session after arriving home from Dallas and the All-Star festivities.

Even Patrice Bergeron, who was not feeling very well, made it through most of the skate.

Both goaltenders looked as if the break had done their legs, good, and both guys made some scintillating saves on their teammates.

The Bruins wore three different colors:
Hoggan, Bergeron, Sturm, Tenkrat, Boyes and Kessel were in Gold
Mowers, Primeau, Savard, Murray, and Axelsson were in White
Stuart, Alberts, Allen, York, Jurcina, Mara, Chara and the goalies wore Black.

As healthy as everyone looked after the All-Star Break, by the end of the session everyone was gassed.

Head coach Dave Lewis, who was a little more animated than usual, certainly put Our Boys through their paces. He started with some 2-on-2’s, and then there were some pretty physical 1-on-1 drills and also some scrimmage-type 5-on-5’s.

Passing and shooting were the staples today, my friends -- and so was skating.

Lots of skating…

And one of the highlights of today’s work were sprints. But instead of just starting at one line and sprinting to the next line, this time five skaters were sent, like a pack of short-track speed skaters, down to the end of the rink, around one goal crease (in a line) only to turn around and come back -- imagine it looking like a big Black & Gold clad skating snake.

Coach Lewis had the guys finish the day with a 3-on-3, half-ice, game at the locker room end of the rink, played boards-to boards as opposed to end to end.

One last highlight: Coach was going to do some more sprints, but gave Big Z and Phil the Thrill the chance to stop the madness with a ice length shot from one goal crease into the opposite net. Each guy had two shots, and just one would do the trick.

Z stepped up and made the shot, no sweat, and ended the madness.

Heard in the room
"It’s time to refocus. We had a little tough stretch there to finish (before the All-Star break). But we are still right there. That’s the good news. (We’re) just two points out and have a couple of games in hand. So this is going to be a big game for us up in Ottawa. I think the guys are ready and hopefully we are fresh. We had a good practice today and we need to keep going from here."
Forward, Marc Savard, on the beginning of the second half

"Obviously, we are in a tough fight for a playoff spot…(It’s important) that we start to get going here. There are a whole bunch of teams clogged up together and whoever gets on a streak is going to take off and get that (playoff) spot. And there are a couple of spots and a couple of teams that could get hot and start winning. So, there can’t be any more of this win one and then lose one, you have to put a streak together."
Forward, Shean Donovan, on making the playoffs

"(We need to) just be ready to play...hopefully (as a player) you got some relaxation and got your mind away from the game a little bit, but you have to be ready to have your mind ready to be back on the game. If you can be prepared to come in and play right after this break you can take advantage of a time when other teams aren’t ready."
Goalie, Tim Thomas, on coming off the break strong
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