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Ice Girls Draft a success

by Jeremy Lemoine / Boston Bruins
BOSTON - The Boston Bruins held their first ever Ice Girls Draft at Ristuccia Arena on Wednesday evening. Over 90 girls from all over the area came to the tryout for a chance to make the team. Only 20 will be kept.

Lyndon Byers (former Bruin and current WAAF radio voice), Kelly Malone (Mix 98.5), Kim Jacobs (wife of Charlie Jacobs), Mike Adams (WEEI 850), and John Whitesides (Bruins Strength Coach) were on hand to help interview the candidates and offer their insight on certain girls that caught their eye.

Kim Jacobs was looking for one characteristic above all when interviewing the girls.

“Enthusiasm,” said Jacobs. “Absolutely. It’s funny though because that’s the one word they use to describe themselves when asked. You hear them say they are bubbly, enthusiastic, and sparkling. I think those are the attributes we’re looking for the most.

“I’m impressed with how personable and excited the candidates are,” she added. “They all appear to have really great people skills, which is important because that’s something that has been lacking in the past.”

Former Bruins tough guy Lyndon Byers expressed his feelings on how wonderful it is for the Bruins to extend there community reach and help more people get involved.

“This is a great opportunity for the Bruins to expand everything that is Black and Gold throughout the community,” said Byers. “Getting these girls out their to help out whether it’s charity, doing a promotion to promote the Bruins, doing something for the season ticket holders, or doing something for the corporate sponsors. I think it’s a great opportunity for the Bruins to reach out and expand and that’s what it’s all about now in pro sports.”

“They really have to know who the Boston Bruins are,” Byers added. “They have to know who played for the Bruins in the past and now.”

Questions covered a variety of topics from hockey knowledge and the Bruins to promotional experience. Mike Adams asked some off the wall questions such as whether or not the candidate would rather be invisible or be able to fly.

After the interview process, the candidates who knew how to skate were sent out on the ice to show their skating ability. Their enthusiasm certainly showed, as the candidates skated just like they would during a Bruins' intermission, ice bucket and all. Many of candidates would wave and cheer, and show excitement, anything to get extra points.

“Cheering and being excited definitely helped their scoring,” said Jay Southwood, Bruins Foundation Coordinator and an on-ice judge. “Obviously, their skating ability has to play a large factor too.”

Kim Bomal, who is hoping to make the team again after being an ice girl for the past three seasons, is excited about the opportunity to keep supporting the Bruins again.

“I’ve done it for three seasons now and it’s been a blast,” said Bomal. “I love supporting the Bruins and going to the games and being a presence. The Wives’ Carnival and working the games are some of my favorite parts of the job. It’s just great to see smiles and get the crowd going.”

After the initial bout of interviews, the judges narrowed the group down to about 40-45 girls. The Bruins will be inviting the final candidates back to Ristuccia Arena for a more in-depth interview and skating test. The final team will be determined based on their answers to interview answers, personality and professionalism, along with enthusiasm of course.
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