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Hug it out, people!

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Thanks to an unprecedented "honey-do" list, this is the first time I have had a chance to hit the keyboard today.


After reshoveling the secret entrance to the Bish Cave and cleaning the grout in the BishBath, the General had me traversing the Earth looking for two of a particular type of fluorescent light bulb for her kitchen -- which of course were found in the last store I looked in, early this afternoon, after starting out early this morning..

Nevertheless, thanks to Our Boys downright outstanding victory over the NHL leading Buffalo Sabres -- overcoming goals by Drury and Briere no less -- I am a happy camper and no amount of danger from Boston area Sunday drivers, nor the General, can take that away from me, today.

In case you have been away, that is three wins out of four games and five wins out of seven for the Bruins.

Not too bad for a team that has been all but written off by the hockey world. No?

Obviously, it remains to be seen whether this "Six for the Season" road trip, as it has been appropriately dubbed by NESN, will lay the groundwork for the B’s to get into the top eight in the Eastern Conference. However, Boston certainly seemed willing to pay the necessary price to make this roadie, and by extension the rest of the season, very, very interesting.

Simply put, they played like a playoff contender.

"We had a bit of a breakdown in the second period," said a proud head coach Dave Lewis last night. "But our guys didn’t give up and they kept the same mindset."

No they didn’t give up, and they continued to stay the course even though they hit thin ice.

And they proved something that many Bruins fans have been writing to me all along during the campaign. Namely: If the Bruins play their game (i.e. smart defensive hockey), and stay out of the box, they can beat any team in hockey.

One wonders if last night’s shootout would have been necessary had the B’s stayed out of said box in the second period.

"I was frustrated," said a stand up, and apologetic, Marc Savard post game, last night. "I thought (the official) had called a bad call on me and…I hit the window and he gave me another two.

"(Then) they scored twice.

"It’s (was) tough. I thanked the guys and am going to take them all out to dinner," said a suddenly cheerful Savvy, who was bailed out by his teammates who, despite being tied by the Sabres, continued their fine play in the third period, the extra session, and into the penalty shot contest.

And Savard knew exactly why the B’s were able to pull it out.

"That’s the character we have in this room," said Savard. "(We) were in a tough situation…and we stayed with it."

Savard saved his highest praise for the B’s two men who sent the B’s to Philadelphia with an extra point in the standings.

"Clutch shooting (by Tenkrat) for sure, and Tank in the net," said Savard. "I don’t think there was any net to shoot at."

This time Savvy wasn’t taking a ’shot’ at Thomas’ (supposed) willingness to enjoy food whenever the prospect presents itself.

He was talking about the psychological advantage the Bruins now enjoy in shootouts thanks to their starting goalie’s clutch play (now that they’ve won eight of their last nine shooting contests).

"When I looked from the bench, I didn’t see any holes," said Savard.

But the Bruins point machine had to admit that on this particular night. In fact, he almost couldn’t bear to watch.

"I really didn’t look much tonight, because obviously I was in a ’goat’ situation. I had my head down," he admitted, sheepishly.

And what did you do after the victory, Marc?

"I thanked the guys and I gave Tenkrat a couple of hugs…and I am going to hug him again (real) soon."

Most every Bruins fan would love to do the same.
Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Game notes are going up really soon.
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