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Hockey, Music...and TV?

by Tom Halkin / Boston Bruins
Matt Lashoff (Photo by Charles Laberge/Getty Images)
As if defenseman Matt Lashoff wasn’t busy enough, now the young Bruin, and aspiring musician, is trying his luck as an actor.  Clearly, the 21-year old is attempting to put a big ol' bear hug on the entertainment industry.

Just days after posted a story on Matt’s musical endeavors, the site got marching orders to accompany Lash to the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts where he would be taping a show for the local Boston PBS affiliate, WGBH.

Lashoff was completing filming for an episode of the second season of the national PBS series “Design Squad.”

The show, a 13-part endeavor that features a cast of eight local high school seniors facing-off in various engineering challenges, is intended to inspire youths to pursue activities (and ultimately careers) in science and technology. 

The eight teens are broken up into two different groups for each of the 12 challenges, with the each member of the winning team earning points for their own individual standings.  At the end of the series the cast member with the most points will win a college scholarship provided by Intel and a feature in MAKE magazine.

With the race heating up, Lash will be the star of the crucial 11th challenge and in his particular episode, the two teams were assigned to each create their own mechanized hockey net targets.  Matt’s role was to test each team's creation and then judge which target would be most useful training device.

The shoot began with Lashoff skating onto the ice for a quick introduction to the team members, but then the action quickly heated up as a member from each squad introduced Matt to their target with a short explanation, before he began to fire away.

Each team watched and cheered as Matt tried to snipe-away at the opening and closing slots in the net. And finally, Lash had a long on-air consultation with Nate Ball, Design Squad's host, before delivering his verdict to the eager participants.

 “Design Squad” is not scheduled to appear until early Spring 2008, so the results of Matt’s decision cannot be revealed here - you will have to just stay tuned folks.  All that we can say is it was a very close battle and difficult decision for Lash, who admitted only that the winners took the competition by a “nose.”

But there were no losers on this day, as Matt and all of the cast members and crew seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the shoot.

When the cameras were not rolling, many of the cast, who were on skates for the first time in their lives, were interested in learning all about how Matt got his own skating legs. Lashoff then got a good chance to goof around with the teams as they all tried their luck on the targets.

When the final wrap was placed on filming, Lash assured both teams that their targets were excellent and how difficult it was for him to make the final decision.

Even on his way out of the rink, Matt was still expressing his amazement at the job both squads did.

“Did you see the back of those things?” he mused. “There were wires going everywhere! 

“I have no idea how they did it,” he continued.  “They were both really cool.”

As for his acting career, Matt jokingly asked, “Did Warner Brothers call yet?”

Not quite yet Matt. 

Still, a big “Bravo!” goes out to Lash and the entire cast and crew of “Design Squad.”

And by the way, if you want to catch up on the first season of “Design Squad” the full library of episodes is available for streaming here:
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