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Head Coach Claude Julien Press Conference Sunday 5/5

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins

Sunday, May 4, 2014
On what Andrej Meszaros brought to the lineup…
It’s not what he gave me, it’s what we decided to do. It’s as simple as that. I think we felt we needed a change and we made that.

On if he agrees he has to get a full 60 minutes out of the team…
Yeah, I mean that’s the ups and flows of the game but at the same time I think we had a poor second period. We turned pucks over as you know in the neutral zone and they just kept coming back at us and we ended up in the penalty box. All those things didn’t help us but when we came out in the third, we started playing our game, things kind of settled down again and we started getting the results we wanted. So it’s about trying to put 60 minutes of the same play from start to finish but it’s always easier said than done.

On personally how he stays so calm in the face of adversity…
I think it’s just the fact that you have to realize as a coach, you're the guy who has to take control of your bench, of your team. There are times where you do things to make your team react, there’s other times when you have to do things to make sure you reel your team back in. That’s what a coach has to do and for us to go out there in the third period and be all riled up about what happened in the second, I think it was important to put it in the past and think about what we needed to do to win. Our focus has had to be about doing the right things here, so you go in the room and you kind of rally your troops around that. Like I said, we have a great group of players, of individuals that believe in that stuff. From my message on to them, they kind of take it over from there and I hardly had a word to say in the third period even after they made it 3-1. I knew that deep inside they were ready to go and they would fight right to the end. So you trust your team that way and you learn to know them well enough to know how to react.

On the importance of the staff around him…
Well our whole coaching staff has been together for a long time. Between periods we talk about a lot of things, from the adjustments to the things that happened. Everybody has a role to play so there is no doubt, I said it a long time ago and I keep saying it, you're as good as the people that surround you. That includes the team, the organization, as far as a coach – himself, without my assistant coaches I’m not as good of a coach as I could be. So you have to make sure you appreciate and take advantage of the people around you.

On if he is satisfied with the power play…
Yeah, I think there is nothing wrong with our power play except for, I guess the results which we could critique. But when you look at the chances that we have had on our power play, whether it’s posts, some great saves from the goaltender, from unbelievable opportunities and missed chances. You know, the execution is there, the finishes just aren’t there. So we just have to work on our finish a little bit better and if that is the case then our power play will be even more successful.

On the penalty kill being in a slump…
No, not really. I think the biggest thing, when you look at the goals they have scored, they have come from the point and somehow we haven’t been able to get into that shooting lane. You have a guy like [Thomas] Vanek yesterday who has a great stick around the net. Some great tip ins by Vanek but there is no doubt that those shots are getting through from the back end and we just have to get better at that and we are going to keep working on fixing that. If we can do that I think it is going to help a lot.

On Adam McQuaid being in a cast and an update about Chris Kelly…
Yeah, I think I will let – I don’t know the full details of [Adam] McQuaid so I will let either Peter [Chiarelli] or somebody elaborate more on that. Chris Kelly has come along. Every day is a better day for him so that’s basically all I can tell you about him.


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