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Happy Monday

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Good Day, Bruins nation…

As promised, the sun came up this morning. The Bruins practiced, and all is well in the world.

Also, despite the tough game on Sunday, everyone on the club is still psyched about the road trip to Montreal tomorrow, and the optimism that was apparent last Saturday is still apparent today. Everyone involved chalked yesterday up to a learning experience, which is ok, because that is what it had to be.

Fan reaction to the club is no less astounding, what with a couple of dozen die-hards in the stands early this morning. I am continuously astonished by the number of people who find time in their busy lives to get to practice – on a weekday! Ristuccia is not exactly downtown, yet the stands are continuously occupied, and not just by the autograph seekers. Bravo, guys, bravo!

F.Y.I...There is an added bonus to stopping by Ristuccia. Gas in Wilmington is down to $2.37!

As for practice...
Defensively minded forward, P.J. Axelsson, took his defensive-mindedness just a little too far late into Team B’s time on ice, this morning. Miming a goaltender, P.J. set up shop in front of the net and made a beautiful kick save. One might remind our favorite Swede that the B’s still have five goalies in camp.

By the way, I think I might be getting my K-men messed up. Very sorry, to you the reader, and more apologies to the K-men. I want to emphasize that I know the difference between Petr Kalus, Martins Karsums, David Krejci, Phil Kessel, and Kris Versteeg. Keep in mind, I used to be a (terrible) goalie at one time and most often pucks found my head, rather than my glove. Give me time, people! I will shake the cobwebs loose. They are all pretty good to begin with…

I have enjoyed watching the one-to-one interaction between players and coaches on the practice ice this camp. For whatever reason, I was not expecting the amount of teaching that would happen during “training” camp. Call me thick, I guess. I can blame the pucks for that, too – at least for a while.

One thing that I am sure I am not going to get used to: Hannu Toivonen, in old school Bruins gear, carrying a big goal stick with the word M-O-N-T-R-E-A-L spelled out in black and gold. I know that in this case, Montreal is just a stick manufacturer, but it still weirds me out…Actually if he stops pucks with the thing, I guess I don’t care what it says.

Speaking of Mr. Versteeg, he had a great practice, today.

Phil Kessel made a radio appearance on WAAF this morning before taking the ice. Ex-Bruin Lyndon Byers couldn’t say enough good things about Mr. Kessel and Phil survived his first brush with LB – which is more than I can say about many other players. In case you need to be reminded, Byers could throw down with the best of them in his day with the B’s.

Enough from Me…
“I am really looking forward [to playing in Montreal], actually…This will be the first time…And it is my first NHL pre-season game, so it means a lot. It will be pretty special.”
Forward, Phil Kessel

“It’s been good. You know, its only three or four days into it and we’ve only had one game, but I like what I’ve seen from the guys we brought in; the veteran guys. Obviously, Chara and Savard, it is exciting to bring those guys in. At the same time to see Kessel and Kalus and Lashoff and some of the young kids play so well with these guys has been good. It’s been exciting.”
Assistant General Manager, Jeff Gorton, on Camp

“It’s pretty cool. It’s awesome, in fact. I haven’t played in Montreal in a while and obviously it is a pretty cool place to play…Obviously, being a Bruins fan, that’s the team you hated the most. When I was younger, I could stand the Leafs, but you had to hate the Habs.”
Forward, Shean Donovan, on being a B’s fan and playing against the Canadiens.

“I got the opportunity to play in Montreal twice last year and it’s where I was born [Quebec City, PQ] and it was a big rivalry [between his Dad’s Nordiques and the Habs] and it’s definitely fun to go back and speak French again. The history between Montreal and Boston, it’s a great rivalry as well.”
Forward, Yan Stastny

“Obviously, you know, when we came, it was 20-25 games in, and I think it was difficult to start because you were traded for a franchise player and a great player at that, but you know it was good to come over with another two great guys and good players and it made the transition that much easier…I think going into the Olympic break [last year] things were looking pretty positive, but we had a lot of injuries and with the Olympics, playing every other night, I think it took its toll. We were basically behind the eight ball…When losing happens, changes are inevitable and you just have to accept it. But hopefully this year, with the new players that we’ve brought in, we won’t have to worry about changes being made…Coming to Boston is a place I’ve always enjoyed coming into as a visiting team, it was one of my favorite cities to visit, and getting to know more and more people…we’re starting to get used to the city. With the changes they’ve made, it looks like a there’s a bright future ahead for us.”
Forward, Wayne Primeau

“[Wearing the B] it’s going to be cool. Montreal is one of the most storied franchises in hockey and playing in Montreal is going to be a great experience and I am really looking forward to it…Obviously it is going to be a big thrill for me.”
Goalie, Brian Finley

“After the game yesterday, you want to get back on the right track. Going up there, it is a great facility, obviously, it’s a great place to play…Being a part of the Boston Montreal rivalry will be fun.”
Forward, Mark Mowers

Morning Drive time with Phil…
“It was fine, not hard at all…I just talked with them for a little bit…It was alright, it doesn’t matter to me [having to get up early to do the morning radio show] I’ll talk to anybody if they want to talk to me.”
Kessel, on his radio experience on WAAF
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