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Game Day: Bruins @ Senators

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
10:42 p.m.

Chiarelli Update on Bergeron
Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli spoke to the media before the game and the news, which was probably expected to be a bit more somber, set up the Bruins 4-1 win, nicely.

“Just an update on Patrice -- he suffered a broken thumb and the thumb will be immobilized for two weeks,” said Chiarelli, who specified that there were three breaks in the tip of the thumb. “It’s non- displaced, so there won’t be surgery.
“And there is a chance he could play after two weeks.”

Bergeron should be able to pursue his Olympic dream, as well.

“I have talked to [Team Canada’s] Steve Yzerman, to update him on the injury and he was happy to hear the good news, so nothing’s changed as far as the Olympic roster according to Steve,” said the B’s GM.

“Steve will speak with Patrice in the next couple of days, but that was a matter of course anyways, regardless of whether Patrice was injured or not.”

Beyond that, the Bruins could see #37 at practice, shortly.

 “He’ll be splinted,  so he’ll be able to skate and everything,” said Chiarelli of his center. “So he could conceivably… be practicing in a day or three days or five days. It’s as tolerated as far as the pain goes.”

Chiarelli had spoken to Bergeron, and the B’s boss said Patrice’s mood had improved significantly with the good news.

“Last night the news was a little dour and he was pretty bummed out,” he said. Today I talked to him and he was very, very happy. So he was good and I told him I spoke to Steve and he was obviously good with that, too.”

So Bergeron’s big year should be back in gear, soon.

 “Yeah,  he had a good [with] the Winter Classic and the Olympic news and all that,” said Chiarelli.  “I think he was pretty upset last night for the Bruins first and foremost, secondly for the Olympic team, [but] everything seems to be on course.”

7:13 p.m.
Boston's lines...

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6:54 p.m.
Per Peter Chiarelli in Ottawa: Patrice Bergeron has a broken thumb. No surgery will be performed. He may be able to return to the ice after two weeks.

6:34 p.m.
Having coached against Miroslav Satan, Coach Julien spoke about his new sniper.

"He’s a guy that makes great plays," said Julien. "Even in tight down low and he’s a skill player.

"He’s got a good size, [but] he’s not a physical player, I don’t think we expect him to be that.

"But he’s going to bring...dimension to our hockey club," he said.

That dimension would be on the offensive side of the puck, but Julien wasn't looking for Satan to be the single scoring panacea.

"I don’t think we’re going to put all our eggs in the same basket and evaluate him tonight on what he’s going to bring," added Julien. "He should have had at least another week to prepare himself.

"But we’re pushing him to come in and he’s willing to do it and well deal with it."

1:58 p.m.
The B's are resting up for this evening's tilt.

There's no doubt that many of them, like the rest of the Hub of Hockey, are wondering about their assistant captain Patrice Bergeron.

Unfortunately, as of about noontime, there was no update on his condition.

"No not yet, he’s seeing our doctors today," said Julien. "So I can’t give you an estimated timeline on that.

"I don’t know any better than anybody else here right now."

As such, Miroslav Satan will enter the lineup almost a week earlier than expected.

"Yeah, he will," said Julien. "We were hoping to give him at least a week but the circumstances are we don’t have any extra forward right now.

"He’s in good shape. I think the only thing we wanted to give him a chance to do is to get his timing and give him a week of practice and unfortunately he doesn’t have that luxury and neither do we.

"So we still think with his experience and he’s in great shape and everything else, he’ll be able to help us," he said. 

Beyond the insertion of Satan into the lineup, the other choice may have been the return of Milan Lucic -- possibly even at the end of this week. Buuuuuut...

"I don’t think we can pinpoint an exact time, but there is that possibility [just] like there is a possibility of next week," said the coach. "He’s getting that much closer.

"I think right now he’s feeling better and it’s just a matter of getting the green light from the medical staff and the doctors.
"And you know high ankle injuries, it’s one thing to feel good but can you take the weight of somebody falling on your leg and be able to handle that?

"We don’t want to put him back another four weeks and have him miss an important part of our season," said Julien.

As for the loss of Bergeron, Julien remained blunt.

"Well we’ve lost our best player," said Julien. "Everybody knows that since day one he’s been our best at some point it has an impact.

"You hope that the rest of the team is going to pick it up around him like you’ve seen other teams do and like we’ve done in the past, but that still doesn’t make the loss an easy one.

"He’s having an outstanding year and hopefully this is more short term than long term."

12:06 p.m.
The entire team stayed on the ice for the full 30-minutes of the morning skate.

The only player left on the ice is Milan Lucic, which should indicate that he will be a scratch.

*The recently acquired Miroslav Satan will make his Bruins debut tonight and Tim Thomas is expected to make the start this evening.*

11:57 a.m.

The word from Ottawa is that the B's are being put through a pretty intense pregame skate at the Ottawa Senators home, Scotiabank Place.

This is somewhat unusual because:
-Boston played last night.
-They are in the midst of a three games in four days stretch.
-Oftentimes, the B's will forgo morning skate on the second day of a back-to-back.

10:50 a.m.
The Bruins ears are probably burning this morning, as their Coach had plenty to say about the club postgame on Monday.

"We can’t think we’re going to win hockey games playing the way we are," said Julien to the gathered media in MSG. "We didn’t even deserve a point tonight. We didn’t get it and we didn’t deserve it.

"As I have mentioned, that’s been our biggest thing this year, we keep talking about 60-minute effort and we’re not getting out of this dressing room so far.

"Some guys have to pick up their games, because we’re leaning a lot on guys that have to come in and grind it out and they’re the ones winning the battles and making things happen. So it’s the same old story, I’m just repeating myself," he said.

Asked what his message to the club was during the first and second intermissions of the loss to the Rangers, Julien said, "Same as have to go in there and do it.

"I know that there’s been times in the past that they had their dressing room under control, but right now, you have to coach, you have to be a cheerleader, you’ve got to wake them up and you’ve got to do too many things that a coach shouldn’t have to do at this level.

"These are professionals and they have to take ownership of their dressing room at some point," he said.

Julien also explained that the B's issues are NOT the same ones they had at the beginning of the season.

"No, no, I mean, October and November, we weren’t playing well at all," said the Bruins head coach. "We know we can right now and we’re showing spurts, but we’re just not grabbing [the opportunities] right now.

"We go in we win a couple of games, get comfortable very easily and then we're back to some of those bad habits. We got a wake up call again [in New York] and we should be able to bounce back tomorrow.

"I suspect our team will bounce back tomorrow, that’s what it’s done all year. But we’re not able to get any momentum and get on any kind of a streak because we can’t sustain it," he said.

Stay tuned.

9:32 a.m.
About last night...
Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron, who was injured during the B's loss to the New York Rangers on Monday night, will return to Boston today and did not join the Bruins for their trip to Ottawa to play the Senators.

The prognosis for the center will not be known until the B's alternate captain sees the Bruins medical staff.

"He’s going back home tomorrow morning so he’ll be reevaluated," said Julien of Bergeron during his postgame comments. "Obviously, it’s a shot that he got on the hand and we’ll know more [then]."

In the short term, the B's have lost Bergeron's services for the remainder of this short trip.

"[Bergeron is ] definitely not coming to Ottawa," said Julien. "We’ll let him see our doctors and probably after he sees them tomorrow, at least we’ll be specific [as to the problem]."

Asked about the potential loss of the center, and its impact on his club, B's head coach Claude Julien did not mince words.

"Let’s put it this way, if he’s not back, we’ve lost our best player since the beginning of the year," said the head coach of Bergeron. "That sums it up, right there."

Boston is scheduled to skate in Ottawa this morning at 11:30 a.m.
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