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Game Blog: BOS @ BEL

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins

I'll have more later...

0:00- End of the third period. Bruins win 5-1.

1:18 - Save by Murphy. Faceoff in the Giants' zone. The GS pull him and the crowd gives the goalie a nice round of applause. Mustukovs is in goal for Belfast.

2:00 - Real free flow hockey right nowt. Two nice saves by Tuukka late...

3:38 - Tyler Seguin is stopped by Murphy on a breakaway, but earns a penalty shot! He scores with a late deke that had Murphy going completely the wrong way. It's 5-1, Boston.

5:14 - Media timeout. Teams are back to 5x5.

6:04 - A bit of an Internet outtage. No worries. Seidenbeg just hit the crossbar on a powerplay opportunity for Boston.

11:51 - Boston scores again! It's 4-1 Bruins. Lucic scored with help from McQuaid and Krejci.

15:01 - Another nice stop by Murphy, who has really held the fort for Belfast for most of the game. Shots are 25-14, Boston.

17:45 - Wheeler to the box for holding.

19:56 - Bergeron and Co. won the draw. And they quickly have the puck deep into Giants' territory.

20:00 - Start of the third period.

Intermission: Chuck a puck!

Little brother did get his shot in, but big brother put his foot down in the waning moments of the second period.

The B's seemed to need the wake-up call of the Giants' goal to get their wheels turning...

0:00 - End of the second period. Bruins lead 3-1.

50.7 - And another! Bruins up 3-1. Marchand, from Thornton and Chara.

1:15 - Bruins score again! Chara, from Thornton and Campbell

1:36 - Goal by Boston! A second effort shot by Seguin, off a rebound, put the B's on the Board it's 1-1. Assists to Seidenberg and Hunwick.

2:07 - Another brilliant save by Murphy, who went post to post in a split to knock the B's latest out of play.

3:28 - Shot, saved and held by Murphy. Another call on the Giants. Hoffman to the box for high sticking. B's on a 5x3.

3:56 - Interference call on Prudden. Bruins back on the PP.

4:24 - Galbraith with a burst of speed down the right side, wrist shot. Goal. It's 1-0, Belfast. Assists to Weaver, Matzka.

4:45 - Shot by McQuaid from the point. Save by Murphy -- puck straight up in the air -- and a handpass. Faceoff outside the zone near the B's bench.

6:27 - A bouncing puck in on Rask, who jumped on it and wants a faceoff.

7:58 - Huge (no pun intended) save by Murphy on Chara, who was stopped by a flash of the right pad while the Belfast goalie was falling forward.

8:52 - Stuart saved a goal with a block on a shot that followed a nice cross-crease pass by the Giants, who are spending an awful lot of time in the Bruins end.

9:55 - Belfast controlled the draw. Shot by Tait. SAAAAAAAAVE by Rask.

10:05 - Penalty to Andrew Ference. Boarding. Not sure that one is called in the NHL, but the ref was right there and he and his compatriots are keeping their whistles busy here in the second.

10:46 - Media timeout. Puck stopped by Rask, who wants a faceoff.

13:08 - Too many men on the ice. Served by Lucic. The Bruins are still playing a little bit like a big brother who is "toying" with a little brother.

Problem is -- and I know this by experience -- little brothers alway get a shot in...

14:52 - Too many men on the Giants. Served by Beauregard.

15:20 - Bruins still on a short PP here. Shots are 13-7, Bruins. Several nice chances on this man-advantage, including two big shots from Seidenberg and Chara.

17:06 - Another penalty to Belfast. 4x4 play for a bit. Domish for holding.

18:36 - Seidenberg to the box. Tripping.

19:09 - Carlson for tripping. Bruins PP.

19:18 - Boston Shot from the point. Post!

19:58 - Seguin won the opening faceoff. Bruins are quickly set up in the zone, but are just as quickly pushed back out.

20:00 - Start of the second period.

Intermission: The Giants do North American-style games in between periods.

The Bruins looked pretty tight in the first and were perhaps a little taken aback by the strange non-NHL rink (wider more square, shorter distance between the blueline and the goal).

However, it was the cautious, opportunistic attack of the Belfast Giants Selects that had the Bruins on their heels for several minutes of the first period.

Furthermore, early in the period the Bruins tried a little too hard to put on a show for their fans here in Northern Ireland and there were plenty of nice moves by the Black & Gold that, unfortunately for the crew who traveled to Boston, didn't put any points on the board.

Prediction: Coach Julien will not be very happy and there will be a real change of pace for the B's in the second period

0:00 - End ot the first. Score, 0-0.

8.9 - Another near miss for Belfast.

38.2 - Another save for Rask, who has been busier than I would have thought through the first. The Giants continue to make smart choices and get pucks to the net.

2:08 - Big save by Murphy who never saw the last of three shots through a pile in front of his net...

2:58 - Shot by Thornton is turned away at the right post. Nice work by #22...

4:47 - Shot by Wheeler, ticked off Murphy's glove, led to a glorious chance for the Giants who were stopped by Rask. Still 0-0.

5:58 - Another scramble, this time in front of Murphy, who pounced on a loose puck for a faceoff.

6:38 - A scramble in front of Tuukka led to a couple of nice chances for the Giants, who are playing a tight, cautious game, but who are also taking advantage of any Boston miscues.

8:03 - Nice wrist shot from Stuart, sticked away by Murphy.

11:02 - Tuukka Rask makes his first save of the night on Hemingway, who shot a wrister from the dot to Tuukka's right.

12:29 - Just heard, "Let's go Massachusetts!" I don't think I've ever heard that...

14:05 - McQuaid and Galbraith collide to the delight of the home crowd. The smaller GS foward got the worst of it.

16:25 - First big hit of the game is from Wheeler who rode one of the GS players into the end boards behind Murphy shortly after the clubs went back to 5x5 play.

18:54 -Murphy with his frist save on a Bruins shot from the point to his left.

19:29 - Tripping call to Hoffman. B's on the PP.

19:59 - Campbell on for the faceoff. Whith Marchand and Thornton flanking him. Boston won the draw...

  • Hemingway and Chara for the ceremonial faceoff and here we go!
  • Chara gets the biggest ovation of the bunch. He was very gracious to the crowd at the door and signed a bunch of autographs and posed for pictures, etc.
  • The Bruins video is next. I believe it is the same one used at the Garden earlier this preseason. The crowd got really quiet, quickly as they watch the B's pound other NHL teams. I have to wonder what is going through the minds of the Selects. The B's are being introduced to "Shipping up to Boston" and they geat a roaring welcome. The Black & Gold skate out as their names are called. Pretty cool. The Giants should be congratulated for a nice opening.
  • The opening ceremony has started. A video montage is the first part. The refs have hit the ice and the Giants are introduced first. Lots of applause for the Belfast-based all-stars (with some boos for the players on the Giants rivals' squads).

20:00 -  Start of the first period.

Switching to time on the clock...

6:55 p.m.
Ten minutes til puck drop.

Fast Fact:
Notable people from Northern Ireland include soccer star George Best, film director and actor Kenneth Branagh, actor Liam Neeson, author CS Lewis, singer Ruby Murray and composer Ian Wilson.

The Elite Ice Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league in the United Kingdom. Formed in 2003 following the demise of the Ice Hockey Superleague, it is the highest level of ice hockey competition in the United Kingdom. Unlike its North American counterparts, the Elite League is not divided into conferences; teams compete in a single division.

6:45 p.m.

The lights just came down. We are expecting a bit of a pregame show. It seems like everyone in Belfast has been looking forward to this game. And the crowd looks like it will fill the arena. Fun stuff, for sure.

Almost everyone has a hockey jersey on -- mostly of the Elite League teams from here in the UK, but there are plenty of Boston Bruins jerseys in the stands as well.

6:41 p.m.


That's it for warmups...

6:26 p.m.
Tuukka Rask in Goal
The B's and the GS are on the ice for warmups. The Bruins are wearing their regular home jerseys. The Giants Selects are in white, with garnishes of red and teal.

Tuukka Rask will get the start in goal and is expected to go the whole way for Boston. The scratches tonight are Boychuk, Paille, McGrattan, Bartkowski and Schaefer.

6:17 p.m.
My vantage point...
Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland

6:03 p.m.
Your Belfast Giants Selects

Ervin Mustukovs - Sheffield Steelers
Stephen Murphy - Belfast Giants
Craig Kowalski - Nottingham Panthers

Rich Seeley - Belfast Giants
Jonathon Zion - Nottingham Panthers
Jonathan Gleed - Belfast Giants
Tim Cook - Belfast Giants
Jonathan Weaver - Conventry Blaze
Jerramie Domish - Sheffield Steelers
Corey Neilson - Nottingham Panthers

Rob Globke - Sheffield Steelers
David Beauregard - Nottingham Panthers
Colin Hemingway - Belfast Giants
Jade Galbraith - Nottingham Panthers
Scott Matzka - Cardiff Devils
Ben Simon - Sheffied Steelers
Colin Sheilds - Belfast Giants
Ashley Tait - Sheffield Steelers
Owen Fussey - Coventry Blaze
Dan Carlson - Coventry Blaze
Luke Fulghum - Coventry Blaze
Mike Hoffman - Belfast Giants

5:56 p.m.
The fans are lining up outside.

A few little last minute additions to your program:
There will be a full team intro for both the Bruins and the Giants Selects.
There is also a postgame ceremony of some sort.

As Andrew Ference said, "Traveling is about the little differences."

5:42 p.m. in Belfast

Good afternoon New England -- we are going to go Old School on the blog today. The Internet connections here have been too spotty for me to be able to have a reasonable chance of covering the game via live blog.

So, as with any traditional blog, the most recent action will be at the top of the page. You will have to refresh frequently to get the most up-to-date info.
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