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Ference Ready to Fly

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
Boston, MA -- "Well, I think if you go and you embrace everything that's different from what you have at home, that's the best part about traveling," said Andrew Ference during the Boston Bruins annual media day.

Ference has visited Africa with Right to Play.
Ference and the rest of the Black & Gold will leave for their preseason trip to Belfast and Prague after tonight's game with the Washington Capitals.

People that travel and "are thrown off because they can't find stuff that's back home" baffle Ference.

"What's the point of traveling?" asked Ference of that case.

Ference said that getting out of one's comfort zone is important.

"To not be able to speak the right language and have to use hand gestures...I find that exhilarating," said Ference. "Some people hate it, but I think that's the best part about traveling."

Of course, keeping your wits about you in a foreign place is a good practice, said Ference.

"But enjoy the differences," said Ference. "And kind of just throw yourself into the culture, as much as possible.

"Eat where the locals eat."

Andrew also said preparation is important.

"It takes a little homework," said Ference. "I've got my...Prague guide and find the spots that might be off the beaten path.

"You try and speak the language as much as possible. I always have phrase books for whatever country I go to."

Ference said you might just be able to get by and it might be a struggle even for the most prepared world-explorer.

"But the effort is what counts," he said.

This time out, the Bruins defenseman will also try and bring some of Europe home to the hockey fans in New England. Ference will be bringing his own video camera and will document the Black & Gold's ultimate road trip.

"If I remember to bring it," said Ference, who will post videos from the road throughout the upcoming trip. "That's was my problem with the camera. I forget to bring it out.

"So as long as I get into the rhythm, I'll document it."

Look for those videos right here on and
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