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by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Duke, that was my pick. I know I went out on a limb. Crazy pick, I mean why go against the grain? Coach K, from this moment on, is all about next year.

I had a lot of friends who went with George Mason. I thought they were chicken to take a chance, but I guess they were smart. I should have believed my kids and gone with Wichita St. They’ve always been good at picking horses.

I just thought this was Duke’s year to be a bracket buster. I was so confident that they could destroy the big boys. I mean, Duke had not had a good run in so long. I was convinced that K could get the team to believe they could stay in the games long enough to steal a win or two. JJ just seems like the underdog that fans always want to pull for. I was also thinking that with a good showing, Duke’s Field House would finally get some crazy fans. Oh well, maybe because of the chance to play in the NIT in the fall they can finally have a good incoming class.

Geez, I just hope the program can survive.
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