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Day 2 With the Cup for #30

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins is with Tim Thomas in Burlington, VT.

Sunset says it all
09.03.2011 / 9:51 PM ET

BURLINGTON, Ver. -- The last stop of the day for Tim Thomas is one of the local hotels high above Lake Champlain in the Sunset Room.

As the sun dropped behind the mountains the star of the party entered to a picturesque scene. The entire Thomas family, friends, fellow UVM alumni and the people who made this day possible were gathered for a night of fun with Tim's three pieces of hardware before the Bruins goalie has to say goodbye to Lord Stanley for the summer.

The reason this place was picked for his party? It's the location Tim and his wife Melissa where married.

"I think this place was beautiful. In my mind there really was no other place up here to have this party," Thomas said.

Tim's brother-in-law, Brian Kane, organized most of the events in Burlington said the day couldn't of gone any better.

"A perfect day for everyone,” Kane said. “I was glad to be a part of it. I'd happily do it again if we ever had the chance."

His brother-in-law agreed with him.

"These two days with the Cup, in Michigan and Vermont couldn't of gone any better," Thomas said, "I enjoyed myself immensely. It's a lot of work to get these days together but it was really something special."

The other good part about this day for Thomas was closure. I asked the Conn Smythe winner if this really closes the door on the championship season.

"Yeah, it does," Thomas said, "This really puts the stamp on everything we accomplished last season. It also reminds me that I only have 2 weeks till training camp. I need to rest."

Hockey is right around the corner. A huge thank you to the Thomas family for letting the NHL be a part of their 48 hours with the Cup.

-- Josh Landau

Pre-party nap

09.03.2011 / 5:01 PM ET

BURLINGTON, Ver. -- A pre-game nap is part of nearly every player’s daily routine during the season.

There was no exception today, after a quick lunch at Al's French Fries, the Thomas clan headed back to their house on Lake Champlain. While some family and friends took pictures with the Cup, Tim took a nap and it is hard to blame him.

We asked Tim last week in Michigan what was tougher to do, win the Stanley Cup or plan your day with the Cup? His answer was both. While citing that winning the Cup was extremely difficult, he said the planning your day is very stressful.

"The amount of people and places involved, the amount of people who come to see you. You want to make everyone happy," Thomas said.

Even though today is only half over, it has been an exhausting and busy procession through the streets of Burlington. The down time won't last long; family and friends have already started preparing for tonight's private party in South Burlington.

-- Josh Landau

Always part of the community
09.03.2011 / 2:33 PM ET

BURLINGTON, Ver. -- Returning to his alma matter to receive the annual Alumni Achievement Award, the focus turns to the type of man Tim Thomas is and how entrenched he is in this community.

We learned last week in Davidson, Mich., where some of Thomas' character traits came from. Here in Burlington, Vt., we're finding out where they developed to turn him into the man he is today.

"It says so much about Tim that he would take a second day with the Stanley Cup and bring it back here, especially after what Vermont has been through this past week," said Ted Madden, President of the University of Vermont Alumni Association of fellow Catamount men's hockey player (Class of '92) after announcing Thomas as this year's recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award. "He's such a class act in how he treats people, the media and especially the UVM community."

Thomas announced in his acceptance speech that he'll raffle off memorabilia and merchandise at the UVM Catamount store as well as at a private party later tonight with the proceeds going to hurricane relief in the state of Vermont. It is another example of how much this place means to him and the type of person he became while attending school here. Now it's off to lunch and some private family photos at Thomas' house on Lake Champlain.

-- Josh Landau

10,000 smiles

09.03.2011 / 11:41 AM ET

BURLINGTON, Ver. -- When you bring 3 trophies of achievement back to a community that propelled your career, you expect a warm reception -- officials from Burlington, Vt., and the University of Vermont called it unprecedented. An estimated 5,000-10,000 people have lined Church Street in downtown Burlington (if you've ever stood on Church Street you understand how packed that is) to get a glimpse of the Vezina and Conn Smythe trophies, the Stanley Cup and local hero Tim Thomas.

"This is unbelievable, I would have never expected anything this big," Thomas told

In his speech to the crowd he thanked local officials, including the Vermont National Guard, "Through everything that went on last weekend with (hurricane) Irene, I'm glad they're here doing the job they're doing, and happy to bring some smiles to everybody's faces," Thomas said.

Before leaving downtown, Thomas moved through the heavy crowd to hoist the Cup on top of Burlington's Ladder Company fire truck. Now it's off to his alma matter to receive their annual Alumni Achievement Award.

-- Josh Landau

Vermont excited for Thomas

09.02.2011 / 11:35 PM ET

BURLINGTON, Ver. -- Pulling into Burlington shortly after 9:00 PM, there is already plenty of talk about University of Vermont alumni Tim Thomas and his second day this summer with Lord Stanley. Although the Cup doesn't get here till tomorrow, plenty of people are flaunting their Bruins gear in the streets. Quite a few people in our hotel are up here from Boston for a hockey tournament and found out earlier today that win or lose, they get an added bonus of seeing the Cup up close tomorrow.

Thomas has a busy day scheduled, starting with a parade through downtown Burlington up to his alma matter UVM. Stay tuned for updates.

-- Josh Landau

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