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Damaged Cans

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
There is a certain frost-brewed beer that just came out with a "new" frost brewed liner. Well, if my memory serves me correctly there was another beer that had a blue liner during my college days.

It wasn’t "the beast" or something from the Master Brewer. It also wasn’t light naturally or Koch’s form of a Golden Anniversary.

You can also eliminate anything green with a red star. Stuff like that was just way too expensive!

It also was not the "King of Beers" or its little sister.

It didn’t come in a gold can either so therefore "the high life" is out too.

Malt liquor wasn’t in my past, so that eliminates quite a few beverages.

And I know for sure that it didn’t come from the mountains, so anything that a landscaper might trim is out too.

There was no foolish quiz to remind you of Larry Bird either. There sure as hell was no “carb” counting, so you can eliminate that foolish beer as well.

I guess this is a little test. Who remembers the blue lined can that college kids could afford? Remember this was the early 90’s, so good luck.

P.S. I don’t think drinking this from a pitcher was ever an option.
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