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Coach Speak

by John Bishop / Boston Bruins
BOSTON -- Both head coaches spoke to the media as their teams prepared for Game 4 of Round 2.

Claude Julien
"We didn’t try to get to this point just so that we could try to climb out of it again," said Philadelphia's Peter Laviolette. "We certainly wish we were in a different situation, a different scenario, but we are not."

Given the 3-0 deficit, Laviolette knows what is on everyone's collective mind.

"Our objective is to win one game," he said. "You listen around, everybody has written us off completely already.

"Our team has won a lot of hockey games and I don’t think it’s completely unimaginable for us to beat the Boston Bruins in one game.

"So that’s our objective. We just keep it simple. We have one game to play. We need to win it and we have a lot of confidence in our group that we can do it," he said.

Clearly, the B's haven't written off the Flyers and Boston's bench boss Claude Julien expects a strong effort from Philadelphia.

"Well, because you’re playing a team with some desperation," said Julien of the difficulty of closing out series.

"Nobody wants to go home and when...there’s desperation in your game it makes it that much tougher for the team you’re closing off.

"So as I said yesterday, I think it’s going to take probably our best effort of the series for us to win this game tonight," he said.

With Adam McQuaid remaining sidelined, Coach Julien didn't indicate that there would be any changes in his lineup, but Coach Laviolette said there would be a new goalie for the Flyers.

"[Sergei Bobrovsky] will start in net for us tonight," said Laviolette. "We find ourselves down three here and Bob has come off the bench a couple times and looked good.

"We are getting him back in there tonight."

Despite the new Philadelphia goalie, Julien said that the B's would not change much about their approach.

"Well I think every team’s prepared for anything right now," said Julien. "When you play the same team in a series, you pre-scout everybody. They do the same thing to us.

"So, no, it doesn’t really matter to us who they put in net. I think we’re prepared for whatever scenario is thrown at us.

"Now it’s just a matter of going out there and doing the job and doing it right," he said.

Julien agreed with B's defenseman Andrew Ference, who had just told the press that Boston had taken a "business-like" approach to the second round.

"Yeah, it has been," said Julien. "And that’s the way I kind of like it because, again, we’re not too high, we’re not too low. We’re focused.

"It serves us the best," added Julien. "What’s in the past is in the past and we think about the present. It’s worked well for us.

"I like where our team is right now. I mentioned that yesterday and the mood hasn’t seemed to have changed today at all. so hopefully it’s a good sign."
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